Attendees: Councillors Jean Howard, Ben Smith, Michael Judson, Vivien Chapman, Graham Steady, Terry Hamilton (Head Groundsman), Ben Gibbons (YMCA Chelmsford)

This meeting took place to discuss a Youth Project in Brightlingsea proposed by YMCA Chelmsford. YMCA Chelmsford have become aware of a lot of anti social behaviour in Essex and they feel they can help by working with councils to engage and find a core group of people to be the members of a youth council, and to run an effective youth group. We are one step ahead on this as I’m sure you are aware a Youth Council has already been formed in conjunction with the school.

What they aim to deliver:

3 hours a week for 40 weeks (running of Youth Council group – this is only a proposal of the structure we can tweak as we want)

Two youth workers will run a youth group for the Brightlingsea youth council. The youth workers will work alongside the young people to create a fun, interactive time-table of session. This aims of the sessions are:


  • Give young people a voice.
  • Create opportunities for young people to become involved in democratic processes within the local community regionally and nationally.
  • Enable young people to identify the issues that affect their lives and determine what they need to do to effect change.
  • Raise participation and achievement levels for ALL young people.
  • Promote equal opportunities in Brightlingsea for all young people.


This program could also include meetings between the Youth Council and the Brightlingsea Town Council (already taking place).

A quarterly report will be produced by the YMCA for the Town Council.

Other Sites:

They have set up three clubs so far in Great Baddow, Springfield and Dedham (which is run by parents with assistance from the YMCA). Ben has invited us to visit any of these sites to see how they’re working.

Councillor Smith suggested that it would be helpful if we could have some information on outcomes of existing clubs to see if they had made an impact upon anti social behaviour. Ben will provide this


Detached Youth Workers:

They also provide if wanted detached youth workers who would literally go out on the streets and

interact with youth. Which I strongly recommend we take up as I have seen it work well in my previous parish.


Ben has already approached our YMCA Hall Trustees to see if they have any openings at the hall, and

he was informed there are possibilities.


My initial concern was how this would affect the already present Youth Group. But following a

conversation with Baz and Mo from 4Youth they have no objection to another youth club, they just want “to remain as they are”.

We communicated to Ben that we felt a target age group of 12-15 would be the best fit as 4Youth

cater very well for the younger children.



All meeting attendees strongly recommend to the full council that we approach Finance and take up this offer for one year.


Cost of running Youth Council Group –

We are currently awaiting clarification whether we will have to pay for the hall and there would be additional charge for detached workers.


Youth Worker 1 £15.00 per hour = £1,800

Youth Worker 2 £15.00 per hour = £1,800


TOTAL COST = £3,600

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