I have recently been contacted by Ben Gibbons from the YMCA Chelmsford. They are interested in setting up youth clubs in Essex with the help of local councils to try and combat anti-social behaviour.

They would like to set one up in Brightlingsea, and my understanding from our conversation is that they will supply the staff with all the necessary qualifications and checks. We would have to supply the hall and £2,900 for one year’s set up.

I made contact with 4 Youth in Brightlingsea as it would be unfair to set up in competition with them, and they said that their numbers are so high at the moment and as the YMCA Club would be for older youths they think it would be a positive addition to the town.

Ben Gibbons has asked if he could come and speak to us at one of our future council meetings so with the Mayors permission and everyone’s approval I would like to propose that I invite Ben to Septembers meeting where we could drill down further into the logistics and financial commitments.