As MSR for Youth in the Town I received a petition requesting improvements to the skate park. I liaised with Cllr Chapman as MSR for Western Promenade and we have worked together in meeting with skate park users. A useful meeting was held on the 4th August with a group including some professional riders. A strategy has been agreed to deal with immediate maintenance issues, some medium term improvements for BMX riders and a longer term funding approach. This is a good example of the council responding to representations and MSR’s working together across common areas.

My correspondence with youth organisations has produced a response from the Guides. 4 Youth, the Sailing Club and the Rugby and Cricket Clubs.

The Guides District Commissioner Jacquey Thurlow received £261 from my MSR budget towards aid the Leaders in First Aid.

The Sailing Club has a thriving youth section and they will be hosting the RYA Zone Championship over the weekend of 25-27 September. The council has agreed that Lower Park Rec can be used as a camping area for participants.