Brightlingsea residents are now able to find out now whether or not they will have a wheelie bin when a new waste collection system is introduced next summer.

In June 2019 Tendring District Council (TDC) will move from weekly to fortnightly collections of general waste, while food waste collections will remain weekly. The majority of households in the district will receive a wheelie bin for their general waste, however some properties – those which have no side access and no front boundary, along with some rural routes – will remain on a weekly black sack collection.

Residents can check online whether or not they will receive a wheelie bin at – which also has other useful information about the new system. Michael Talbot, TDC Cabinet Member for Environment, encouraged people to check whether or not they would be having a wheelie bin.

“Although the new waste contract does not begin for several months yet, we want to encourage people to read up on the changes now so they are ready come June,” Cllr Talbot said. “This new system allows us to continue our waste contract at hardly any extra cost, and I believe the introduction of wheelie bins to most areas of the district will be welcomed as it should reduce the amount of rubbish caused by split bags.”

He added: “There is no need at this point for people to take any action, though if they have mobility or similar issues and are concerned they will not be able to manage with a wheelie bin then they can apply now for assisted collections in readiness for June.

To start publicising the changes early, new posters have been added to several refuse lorries operated in Tendring by contractors Veolia.