Swimming Pool

Lido Action Group is meeting to decide future structure on 28th September. The pool sadly closed about ten days early due to a major circulation pump failure. Meetings are scheduled with TDC officers and officials in October to negotiate a potential asset transfer of the pool. Further meetings are planned when all information from this season is available to do a full viability assessment as phase one of the project.


Western Promenade

The Promenade Gate was hit by a car and reported to Police as viewed on CCTV.

There was a car abandoned on the Western Promenade, which then had its window broken. The car was then collected by a van which had a SORN notice on it! Police were informed but advised there were no Officers available to send out at that time.

A toilet roll from the toilets was set on fire inside the steel play equipment.

Waiting for confirmation from Framlingham Fisheries re: boards around the boating lake.

I understand that the gate at Pawsons Playground has been repaired.