Swimming Pool (Councillor Barry)

The swimming pool is on track to open on the 28th May although there have been some issues with plant and equipment. Regular work parties and over sixty regular volunteers have undertaken a complete make over of the facility which now looks the best it has for many years.


We now have ten trained lifeguards and six people recently completed the pool plant operators course.


Negotiations are still ongoing over the financial contribution that was pledged by TDC.


A number of donations have been received from the Rotary, Ladies darts league, private individuals and businesses.


There will be a pre-opening ‘thank-you evening’ for all volunteers, sponsors and supporters on 25th May.


Western Promenade (Councillor V Chapman)

Lakeside Caravan Park – Been in contact with Mr McCarthy, everything has now gone through, and I will be meeting him on site shortly. He is keen to discuss his new lease with the Council. Thanks to Terry for cutting the grass on his behalf.


Due to the very hot weather Framlingham Fisheries will be putting some dye in the Boating lake shortly.


IWJS have carried out investigation works regarding the surface water problem on the grass area of the Western Promenade. They have found silt and stones in the pipes, which “could” be causing some of the problems.