Swimming Pool

The newly refurbished and rebranded Lido opened to the public on the 28th May. In the three weeks to the 17th June, the total number of swimmers using the facility was 3,151 providing an income of £12,287. This is evidence of the popularity of the Lido and guests have been coming from London, South Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Hertfordshire. Feedback from users has been universally positive, with complements about the friendliness of staff, the cleanliness of the changing rooms and pool surround, and the quality of the bathing water. The flexible timetable has been popular with adults and it is anticipated that attendance figures and revenue for the season will meet projected targets.

The Lido has attracted national attention through its inclusion in a UK Lido Guide and there has been some excellent coverage in the press and via radio.

There have been some maintenance issues around pipework and plant room, but the overall management of the operation has gone very well with Lido Manager Will Jenkins and his team of lifeguards presenting as professional and well organised. The front of house volunteers have demonstrated excellent customer care skills, which has been reflected in feedback via social media and personal interviews.

The Town Council has been frustrated in respect of negotiations with TDC about finances, which are stalled pending a number of lines of discussion. In collaboration with District Councillor Steady, pressure has been put on TDC via numerous meetings and correspondence but the stalemate has continued. BTC has not had the anticipated financial support from TDC and it is hoped that some resolution to issues can be achieved via a summit meeting with various officers and officials scheduled for the 22nd June.

Boating Lake

Framlingham Fisheries have put dye in the water to suppress the weeds, but it is very bad this year, and has caused problems for the Model Boat Club, and on a sad note, some ducklings were caught up in it and were killed.

The Model Boat Club have suggested we let all the water out of the boating lake, for two weeks, so the sun kills off the weed! We do not think this is a good idea. Terry has already been to the boating lake over two nights (at 1.30am and 2.30am) to open the sluices, to freshen up with salt water and add 4-5 inches to the height of the lake. Hopefully the fresh water will kill off some of the weed.

Terry and I, will be meeting with the Model Boat Club, The Scouts and Mr. McCarthy this week.

I will be attending the Beach Hut Association AGM.

Paddling pool

A meeting was held in the Parish Hall on Thursday 7th June with William Coulet Exo Env, Mike Carran, James Enos TDC. Graham Steady, Vivien Chapman and Jean Howard.

A discussion ensued about the re Lining of the Paddling Pool.  It appears there could be a possibility of funding from the SUFFUSE European project.

It was agreed by the TDC Officers that William Coulet give an estimate for a feasibility study for tests to the silt in the paddling pool.

Terry has cut the grass behind the TDC beach huts near the boating lake. This area has not been cut this year, and Terry is contacting Trevor Mills at TDC about this.

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