Western Promenade

A meeting was held on 14th July with Councillors Steady, Block, Howard and Barry. Councillor V Chapman was unable to attend. The notes from this meeting are as follows:-

  • Batemans Café- Meeting with TDC planning officer on 20th July to discuss Lisa’s plans for redevelopment. Councillor Steady to attend.
  • Pawsons Playground- £12000 in budget, to be accessed from S106 money
  • Western Prom grass area-Quotes to be obtained for remedial work. Councillor Barry to action
  • Swimming Pool- Opening date 30th Councillors Steady and Block to meet with TDC officer on 22nd July to review. Councillor Block to form working group to plan the way forward. Two management companies have expressed an interest.
  • Boating Lake- Harbour Commissioners to be approached to see if the dredging company have expertise to look at leakage problem.
  • All accepted with all of the above plus Purelake acquiring the Marina, using S106 money and the possibility of grant funding there is an opportunity to achieve major redevelopment of the whole of the waterfront. Outstanding issue is The Hard which is ongoing. Councillor Barry to concentrate on  Bayard Rec ,but will help with grant applications where applicable. Councillor Howard to get costing of mini water park.


Lakeside Caravan Park – Some of the travellers have departed. There were three traveller families that were due to leave last week, but paid their fees and stayed on. Councillor Chapman spoke with Paula last week, who said they were staying on for a few more days and had again, paid their fees. There were some concerns about the dog, the noise and the litter, but things settled down, and the neighbours were willing to wait a few more days. Paula told other campers that travellers were on the site, and they were fine with that.


Bert Stocks Fun Fair – There was a suggestion that this might be moved to Lower Park Playing Fields if the ground was still not ready. However, Terry met with the family last Friday and it was agreed that they would be on the Prom. They arrived on Monday, a few hours earlier than expected, to set up. The Fair starts on the 21st July.


Pawson’s Playground – Playquip have started work on installing the new Mobility Whirl and the Zip-Wire. The Mobility Whirl will be completed by 19th July, with the Zip-Wire being installed by end of next week.


Paddling Pool – As reported previously, this work is taking longer than anticipated, due to the unexpected exceptionally high tides as well as the expected very high tides. The work could not be carried out whilst the pipes were submerged in water. The furore on Sunday was unfortunate, but a colleague went down and when it was explained why the area was fenced off, people were understanding. I saw people yesterday, who were equally understanding when the situation was explained to them. The pool will fill up when tides permit. I think the meeting held at very short notice on site yesterday was quite useful, but doesn’t alter the fact that the job will take as long as it takes, and TDC have now said it will be completed by the weekend. I have emailed the Officers, to remind them that a notice will need to be put on the works site and the storage site.


Gordon the Warden will be on-site full time from this weekend.


Swimming Pool

Repair work to the pool has been completed, and will hopefully hold. The cost was just under £2,000.00. The pool is now due to open on the 30th July. We are currently filling the pool and then it will need chlorinating etc.


We now need to consider the long term future and I would recommend that we set up a small sub-committee of councillors and or members of the public to consider all the options we have in front of us. This must reach a decision by early in the new year.


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