Western Promenade (Councillor V Chapman)



Unfortunately, Terry was unable to join me as was Jean Howard.


The toilet refurbishment was discussed, as Jean had been advised by the cleaner that work would commence in May. The architect’s drawings have gone out to tender and are required to be in by the end of April. The work may be postponed until after the summer season, or some may go ahead and then continue at the end of the season. Ian will speak with Andy Nepean to clarify this. If work does start, the disabled toilet will be made available for either men or women, depending on the one that is re-furbished first. Portaloos may need to be installed during the height of the season. The splash-backs will be made of a hard-wearing, non-scratch material, the toilets will be vandal-proof with moulded tops that look like seats but are not seats. Flush systems will be non-touch and the washing facilities will be in self- contained units, where the soap, water and dryers are housed. There will be baby-changing facilities. Ian will be sending pictures of the toilets in Harwich that have recently been done in the same way. The exterior will be rendered and painted and external showers will be placed at the rear of the block.   Hopefully, S106 monies are going to be sourced for this project.


At the moment, the car park signs are only painted on the ground. Signs on posts will be erected before the season starts. Ian suggested that the bollards that we have put around the grassed area, are moved and placed across the parking spaces by the old entrance, thus making the large expanse of tarmac a safe area for people. I have taken pictures, to make this clearer. There are two disabled bays by the toilet block and only one near Bateman’s. Steve and I looked at this and wondered if the area could be changed to accommodate a better footpath and another bay. I have received several comments about the car park – both positive and negative. We agreed that the surface was not particularly good, with a long crack down the centre of the bit that will be closed to traffic, and water was puddling in the car park itself. The grass area at the edge of the car park near the play area, will be attended to in the autumn, when that part of the edging to the car park will also be given a neat finish.


Ian will ask Mike Carran if the Warden’s Hut can be taken away, and an attractive large beach hut, possibly with a verandah, be sited in a different place, at an angle, which would be less obtrusive. It is also hoped to either remove the re-cycling bins, place elsewhere or change them to something more aesthetically pleasing. Ian will also ask Mike if he is agreeable to moving the large “Instructions and ‘Do and Don’t” board to a position on the side, remove the gate and possibly place a bench there. The board does not appear to be wearing very well, and moisture has got in underneath a couple of the small signs that are not integral to the board. The car park signs do not state dates when charges come into effect or when the parking is free for residents. The ‘You Are Here’ information board is very old and will be replaced, particularly as it advertises places in Clacton, Walton-on-the-Naze, etc., and nothing about shops, restaurants and the like in Brightlingsea. Most of these matters have been discussed many times before.


Ian suggested rendering the steps and slope to the paddling pool area might soften the look a bit.

I have received several adverse comments about the look of the paddling pool. Steve advised that Veolia staff should be sweeping the sand and seaweed from the path, on a daily basis, if possible. TDC will come before the season, to re-distribute the sand and clear the perimeter thoroughly, and generally make tidy. After the work to replace the liner was scuppered several years ago, the membrane has failed even more, and apparently, if more sand is placed on the beach, as it goes into the paddling pool, it will add more weight, and thus more mud will come to the surface. It was also muted some time ago that an island could be built up in the middle of the pool with a palm tree (I think today, Ian, you suggested a wooden one), and Steve thought a small slide would be good – not wooden! Could you expand on those ideas a little more, please.

Neither Ian nor Steve were keen on the bins by the play area and elsewhere (Black and gold), and it was suggested that the green bin by the paddling pool be clad in one of those colourful coverings.


Steve, I think you mentioned settlement tanks. Could you remind me exactly what that was about, please.


Any un-necessary posts around the whole area, will be removed.


I contacted Yana about the beach hut that was in great need of repair, and left a message for her to contact the owner. From memory, you thought that all owners whose huts were in a dilapidated state, should be contacted. Am I right? This is TDC-owned huts. The frontages of huts were also discussed, with a view to making them uniform, thus avoiding trip hazards, making the area look more attractive, etc.


Finally, Steve would like to re-start the Seafront Advisory Meeting, which I think would be a very good idea.


In addition to the above, I have spoken with Tracey regarding an up-date on the Lakeside caravan park negotiations.


The Skate Park is still a priority, but we have one more to visit, before deciding on what will be best for us to install.


Terry is still looking into the best option for the table tennis table.

We will be having meetings with the Model Boat Club and the Scouts before the season starts.


The new signs around the boating lake, giving advice as to what to feed the wildlife, are now in



We are still working on new flora and fauna information signs.


At the meeting on the 10th April, we spoke to the toilet cleaner who confirmed that the toilets are cleaned three times a day during summer and winter.

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