Lido (Councillor Barry)

The lido experienced severe storm damage during the tidal surge and flooding on 10th February. The main electricity supply was destroyed and other supply lines from the distribution board burned out. UK Power Networks have been down and are assessing the damage along the whole prom – street lights and toilets have been put out of action.

The Lido team have been very busy and are confident that following the settlement of insurance claims and undertaking necessary repairs the facility will open as scheduled at the end of May. I have undertaken interviews on BBC Radio Essex and Look East.

I would like to commend the work of our council staff in responding to the emergency and also give credit to TDC for their support in providing pumps, men and equipment to deal with the serious problems at the start of last week.

Western Promenade (Councillor Howard)

Monday 10th February 2020 – We were contacted at the office by our Grounds Manager to advise of the unexpected tidal surge, and the emergency plan was activated.  At this sudden turn of events, it was decided in the first instance to shut the road off, as beach huts and debris were floating about, and the road/area was partially flooded. 

All our Grounds Staff, Tendring District Council and the Police continued to work throughout the day to keep the area safe. 

When it was deemed safe to do so, the sluice gates were opened in order to drain away as much of the water as possible. 

In consultation with Tendring District Council, Mike Carran, Head of Sport and Leisure, Operational Services confirmed the following as a brief summary of the action that may be taken by them:

  • The Seafronts team have spoken to Beach Hut owners who we currently know have been impacted by the flooding and informed them of our intentions;
  • Our team will be evaluating Beach Huts and their condition as soon as is practically possible – this is currently planned for early next week, subject to any further inclement weather;
  • A letter will be sent out to all relevant owners as soon as possible, setting out any specific issues relating to their hut and explaining that the Council will recover their hut and return it to position as a gesture of goodwill.  The Council’s involvement will be recovering/placing of huts and repairs to supports, in much the same way as 2013.  A disclaimer will be included and we will not be able to commence on a specific hut until this has been signed and returned;
  • Once the evaluation has taken place, a proposed date for the start of works will be pencilled in and a ‘final return’ date for disclaimers will be provided to owners.  If disclaimers are not returned by that date, it will be assumed that those owners will undertake their own work – this will be made clear in the letters.  Please be assured that this will take place at the earliest opportunity;
  • An experienced team from Engineering Services will be deployed to undertake the work once it commences.

On Tuesday 18th February TDC carried out an evaluation of the beach huts/area, and we await their report/update.

Following on from this and the expectation from Storm Dennis, I am pleased to report that no further damage occurred.

The Town Clerk has contacted the Town Council’s Insurance Company to advise of the tidal surge, and as soon as is practical we will assess the damage and inform them as necessary.

I would like to thank everyone for all their help during this difficult time, and for their swift response in dealing with an unexpected situation.

A meeting is due to be held w/c 24th February to discuss the performance of the emergency plan.

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