Western Promenade – Councillor V Chapman

Unfortunately, the pre-season and start of the season, has brought it’s problems and complaints.

They have mainly been in connection with the toilets and the seaweed. The weather has been very good on the whole, and thus the Prom., has been very busy. This inevitably means that the toilets are well-used! As from Saturday, 6th August, the toilets are getting three cleans a day (this applies to the other two toilet blocks in the town as well). This will probably revert to two cleans a day when the season is over. Members of the Beach Hut Association have been given passes by T.D.C., to use the toilets inside the swimming pool.


As we live in a seaside town, we know that the tide ebbs and flows, and the incoming tide, brings seaweed with it, and the outgoing tide takes most of it away. The beach cleaner (for Veolia), who is now also the toilet cleaner (for Mitie), does his best to sweep the remainder. TDC will commence their monthly weed clearance on the 20th August.


Railings have been erected around some dangerous gabions – some people think the railings are more dangerous than the gabions themselves.


Work on the paddling pool was completed and children have been able to enjoy using it during the summer holidays.


The Seafront Warden is here every day from 11 a.m. during the season, and flies the flag during his hours on site. Someone else is in attendance on his day off. I will check who will be there over the two days of the Clacton Air Show. He has informed me that a post has been vandalised and the sign thrown into the water. He retrieved the sign. I have advised TDC.


TDC have been kept informed of all the queries I have received. A meeting is going to be arranged with TDC Officers within the next week or two, hopefully.


I will be attending a meeting with the Beach Hut Association Committee and Mike Carran in September.


We also had visitors, who arrived on the grass area, with only one vehicle which was able to get under the height barrier, and tents. They made their presence felt from the Friday evening until the following Tuesday morning. TDC and the Police were aware. TDC visited on the Monday. They appear to have knocked down some of the rotting wooden posts. I have asked if the budget for the remaining new posts could be brought forward, to help deter anyone else who might wish to gain entry by other than the proper means. If agreed, this work will depend on the grounds staff work load. The Grounds Manager has devised a sign, which I have agreed, to further deter. Sadly, it was like closing the door after the horse had bolted, but large vehicles are usually used, rather than tents. The travellers on the Lakeside Caravan and Camp Site have also left the site.


The tarmac car park is not always full but the road is. About 50% of people who give an opinion, think that double yellow lines on either side of the road would be a good idea, whilst the other half think it would encourage speeding. I have asked TDC if they could look at charging £2-00 for the day during the school holidays.


Finally, I have received some positive (what a pleasant change) comments about the new Mobility Whirl and the new Zip Wire. I will arrange a date for the official opening.


Swimming Pool – Councillor Block

The swimming pool opened on 30th July, as planned (just). The good weather has apparently kept the number of users high. It will be interesting to compare the average daily usage this year with that of previous years.

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