The loop system has been serviced and was found to be in good condition. The only problem that was found was the volume was up to high and this could have caused a problem with people wearing hearing aids. Julie was given a demonstration and found if you wear a hearing aid you can hear what is being said right to the middle of the car park. It has been advised that the loop system is turned off during confidential debates as we have been informed that a member of the public was recording outside the back window during our last meeting.

Wednesday 3rd May attended the open day at Oakwood, a wellbeing centre at Plough Corner where it trains Adults with learning disabilities. They have two horticultural greenhouses where they grow plants and vegetables and sell them to the public. They have also just started to do up old furniture for sale. There is a packing department that pay the clients, so they can earn a wage and a lovely coffee shop and cafe where some of the clients help out with the cooking.

Wednesday 3rd May attended the Co op Women’s Guild.

Supporting carers in Essex. Carers hospital liaison and support group are offering support for people looking after a family member or friend in hospital, who need advice and information on what to do. They can be contacted on 07702858660 or 03007708090 Monday to Thursday.