The Council has made representations to both Affinity Water and Essex County Council and has the following update:

The Highways Team carried out an inspection of the site on 3 November 2016, to assess the drainage issue. The Highways Engineer who attended has advised that they are confident that the water leak is not an Affinity Water issue. It is the opinion of the Highways Engineer that the cause is most likely water rising from the verge due to an outlet pipe discharging from a local, privately maintained water source. 

 In order for Highways to confirm the root cause of the water discharge, a job will be raised to have trial holes dug in the verge to investigate the matter further. Prior to works being undertaken at this site, Highways will need to confirm the location of Utility assets in the area, as well as request for traffic management to be installed so to ensure the work crew are able to operate safely on the Highway. Once this information has been confirmed however, works will be programmed at the earliest opportunity.