Statement read out by the Mayor, Jayne Chapman at the Full Council Meeting on 21st April 2016.

 Brightlingsea Town Council are as frustrated as the local residents in the lack of co-operation from Essex County Council.  Only a couple of weeks ago we phoned Essex County Council legal team who are dealing with this situation to get some clarity from them on what the hold up was.  We invited them to come down and meet with us and perhaps walk the area, they answered with a definite NO.  We then asked if we could come to Chelmsford and meet with them, this they received more favourably.  We suggested a date and Alan Timms said he would have to check with his colleague who had been working with him.  They did ask if we had the definitive list of roads from 1974, from when we went from Urban to Town Council.  This was the first time we had been asked for this, and felt that Essex County Council were moving the goal posts.  The following Tuesday we phoned as we had not had confirmation on the meeting, to check on the date and time, only to be told they were too busy to meet us and perhaps might be able to do so sometime in May.  We are still waiting.


In the meantime we have contacted Tendring District Council to see if they have the list of roads they were asking for, to be told they had passed everything to Essex County Council in 1974.  They did however hold a list of roads that Essex County Council were responsible for and had to maintain at the moment and this is updated every year.  On Tuesday I went to Tendring District Council and viewed the list.  The road stops level with the front of the Yacht Club or as TDC stated High Water Mark.


Land Registry will not alter the registration without Essex County Council stating there is a road and we have been advised it will take a year for a hearing.  


It would be so easy to just state there is a road, but we have already been told we face another challenge from other residents who will state there is no road and as we have not received the legal proof either way, we could go straight back to square one.


If we are at fault over anything then it is that we have not issued enough statements to keep people informed as to what we have been doing to solve the situation.

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