From Previous Meetings

  1. What do the Members of this Council wish to do about a possible parking restriction or traffic order on Ladysmith Avenue (solicitor’s office to Eastern Road).

Do we have a recommendation to pass on to ECC Highways and/or the Parking Partnership?

  1. Changing the name of Mill Street to Mill Lane appears not to be economically  viable but could be designated a Quiet Lane. Our County Councillor did think we could apply when we were discussing HGV problems.



Councillor Mrs Jayne Chapman brought up the issue of exiting Station Road by the slip road to Lower Park Road at Gandergoose Green. Visibility is obstructed and the main road exit should be used with greater safety. Would the Council like to suggest that the slip road be made one way and only for access?



Hedingham Buses: Oh Dear! Alan and I still wait to hear from Mr Daw for our Face to Face Meeting.