Stakeholder consultation planning:

  • I met together with Cllr Graham Chasney with the Commodore, Adrian Gibbons, of the Colne Yacht Club where I gave an overall picture of the hard pier project. Adrian was very supportive of the project but wished to take the draft paper to his general committee for further approval, there may be an opportunity at a later date for either myself or Cllr Chasney to present to his committee
  • I was invited to the start of the Brightlingsea Harbour Commissioners meeting on Wednesday 4th September, to present the project to the commissioners, good feedback in the main. Comments relating to the ownership of the creek bed beyond the low water mark were pointed out to me. (Currently ownership of the Oyster laying at the extreme east is not known)
  • I have also been invited to present the project to the harbour stakeholders meeting – Commercial 14th October, Leisure 15th October
  • We have an additional member on board the team, Prof Stephen Heppell has joined us bring a wealth of educational knowledge as well as experience of funding. If you are not aware of Steve’s   remit his web address explain all.

The following stakeholders have been identified, consultation meetings have been arranged w/c 23rd to 27th September 2019:

  1. Fiona Brown & Alice for Brightlingsea sailing Club (meeting arranged 25/9/19)
  2. Morgan Marine & Oli Miller, new owners
  3. John Collins
  4. Brightlingsea Boat Maintenance (meeting arranged 25/9/19)
  5. Purelake ( marina developers,)   (meeting arranged 25/9/19)
  6. The wharf
  7. The Coach house (meeting arranged 25/9/19)
  8. French Marine (Consulation has happened 10/9/19)
  9. Brightlingsea boat park and ride


Monday September 2nd 2019

I met with William Coulet who wished to update the council on the following information and projects:

  • Harbour Landing Ferry stage (see supporting documents)
  1. The project has been identified as a community asset. The ferry service will be run on a not for profit basis in a similar way to the current Point Clear ferry run. The area identified for the new build will alleviate disturbance of terns and other wildlife, and will allow persons of all ability to use the board walk and ferry facility. The creation of a “heritage” trail, in consultation with BTC and the museums is envisaged, that will lead visitors from the hard up to the High Street and promenade. BHC are consulting with amongst others; Orchards holiday park, and BTC. It is worth noting that Orchards have a weekly footfall in excess of 1000 + guests (
  2. As this facility will be a community asset and will cost in excess of £300k BHC are looking for community partners and contributions to build. A figure of £50k was initially mentioned as a donation from BTC to BHC, St Osyth Council and Essex County will also be approached for a contribution. Orchards have been asked for a larger figure (not stated) . On my meeting with the Commissions chairman on 4th September I queried this large amount, and it was confirmed that the commission would not be looking for this large amount, more a nominal donation in the same lines as St Osyth council,
  3. Time Line on build: Permissions from the land owner (Orchards) and the environment agency have been agreed. Construction will be the winter of 2020 or 2021.


  • Paddling pool: It was mentioned that permissions have been granted from Tendring to take approx. 1 ½ ton of sediment out of the paddling pool to trial the creation of geoblocks for sea defence works. This method could be a way to replace the sediment and liner of the pool at a realistic cost. William will liaise with the Mayor, and Jean on the 19th September, where an update of dredging and intereg works will be given.
  • Morgan Marine: a desired extension of marina facilities plan (appended) was discussed. The new owners wish to extend their berthing further into the creek, to allow all state mooring. The attached plans will be within Oyster layings that are owned by BTC 4 in number, 2 on the east side and 2 on the west. The new owners are enquiring from BTC if they would be in agreement to a long term lease or sale of these oyster laying’s.
  • In company with the Mayor, Cllr Graham Steady, we met with the Councils Solicitor in Colchester. I enquired if the solicitor could confirm BTC ownership on certain Oyster Laying’s and other non registered Land within the Hard / Harbour are.
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