Following complaints about metal dust coming from the Olivers Wharf a visit was arranged with Councillors Ingate, Smith and Judson to observe the loading of scrap onto the Wilson Algeciras. Our visit was preceded the day before by the environment agency.

It was noted that, surrounding the area storing the scrap metal, there is a wall of containers two high (soon to be extended to three) which act as a barrier to shield the area beyond the wharf. On top of this wall are high level sprinklers which whilst not in operation on the day, could be used if necessary as an extra backup to the six mobile water mist units that are working throughout the loading operation. These units surround the working area and send a fan assisted fine fresh water spray over the whole area. The water is contained in various tanks throughout the wharf. In addition to this there is a standby fire engine for extra mobile security. The scrap is formed of large pieces of ferrous metal which due to their size would not, in themselves, be able to be air borne, however because it is ferrous metal there could be an amount of airborne rust if the material was not watered down. At the time of this report we are awaiting the environment agency’s report however we are told that they are quite happy with the whole operation and the precautions taken.

We, as a group, could not detect any dust being generated by the operation and are quite satisfied that the operators of the wharf have spent a lot of time and money on minimising the possibility of producing dust that could travel beyond the confines of the area and that their efforts appear to be successful.