Objective – To increase investment by working with all interested parties

  • Positive discussions have taken place with Purelake, the new owners of the Marina. It is hoped that work on the completion of the final stages of the development will take place once the legal agreements have been signed. It is hoped that agreement will be reached between Purelake and Essex County Council to improve the highway and footpaths in the vicinity of the Marina. The Town Council feels that this is a strong commitment by Purelake to the future of this very important part of the town. This commitment was endorsed by Purelake making a contribution to the cost of the fireworks at the Town Regatta.
  • A section of the Jetty has been replaced at a cost of £18,378 This cost was met by the Town Council using community funds specifically ring fenced for the continuing maintenance and upgrade of this community asset. This is on top of the original contribution towards installation of the jetty in 2005. This shows the Town Council’s commitment to providing services and facilities for our community.
  • The Town Council’s asset review is on-going. The recent challenge concerning areas of the hard, which has been submitted to the Land Registry, will be part of this review. Issues such as insurance and liability will be taken into consideration.

UPDATE – 13.12.16

  • We have sought clarification on insurance and liability issues concerning the recent challenge, and the reply we have had from our insurance provider is that deregistration does not pose an issue, assuming that the councils use and enjoyment of the pontoon is unaltered. Should de-registration impose any change or restriction in usage then that would need to be considered by insurers and ensure that the council keeps them updated with developments.

Cllr G. Steady
Chair of Finance and Asset Committee.