1.1 Copy of the Latest Programme Update from Superfast Essex. (Copied to all Councillors).
1.2 Copy of the forthcoming courses taking place during September – December 2017 at EALC. (Copied to all Councillors).
1.3 Notification from UK Power Networks of its Roadshows – taking place on Monday 2nd October at Firstsite, Lewis Gardens, High Street, Colchester. (Copied to all Councillors).
1.4 Copy of the RCCE’s new monthly bulletin – Essex Warbler – for its members. (Copied to all Councillors).
1.5 Copy of a letter from a local resident regarding the seating I bus stops, for County Councillor Goggin. (Copied to CC Goggin)
1.6 Notification of the Superfast ~Essex Public consultation, which is running live though August. (Copied to all Councillors).
1.7 Copy of the CPRE Countryside Voice Publication – Summer 2017.
1.8 Notification of the CPRE Essex Branch Annual General Meeting – being held on Saturday 7th October at Epping Forest District Museum, Sun Street, Waltham Abbey, Essex. EN9 1EL.
1.9 Notification of the RCCE Village Halls & Community Buildings Conference on Saturday 14th October 2017 at Chignals & Mashbury Village Hall from 9.30am to 3pm.
1.10 Copy of the CVST community e-bulletin for week commencing 4th and 11th September 2017(copied to all Councillors).
1.11 Copy of Essex County Council’s Making the Links bulletin – September 2017 (copied to all Councillors).
1.12 Notification of Tendring District Councils Tree Planting Grants Programme 2017/18. (Copied to Grounds Manager for action).
1.13 Notification of this years Brightlingsea Christmas Tree Festival (9th and 10th December) and possible entry of a tree. (If anyone has any ideas for this years tree, please let the office know.)
1.14 Letter from a local resident concerning the parking problems in Strangers Corner, Church Road. (Copied to Councillors Smith and Judson).
1.15 Copy of the Porridge and Pens Ghana Update. (Copied to all Councillors).
1.16 Notification of the ITV News Anglia survey – Youth services and the impact on our communities. (Copied to Councillor Howard to complete).
1.17 Notification of the Essex County Council Service Delivery Survey – September 2017. All Town and Parish Councils are requested to complete the survey by 1st October. (Only one entry per Council).
1.18 Notification from Essex County Council of an Amalgamation Statutory Notice for the closure of Brightlingsea Junior School and enlarge the capacity and raise the age range of Brightlingsea Infant School and Nursery, to allow it to become an all through primary school with effect from 1 September 2018. The notice will appear in the Clacton and Frinton Gazette, and also the Colchester Evening Gazette on 21.9.17. Any comments and/or objections can be made until 19.10.17. (Copied to all Councillors).

2.1 Brightlingsea Carnival Association requests permission to hold car boot sales on Bank Holiday Mondays (2nd April, 7th May, 28th May and 27th August) and two Sundays (15th July (they will move this date wishes to visit at this time) and 16th September) in 2018.

The Carnival Association have also asked that “if the Food and Drink Festival is to take place next year that it is not held, if possible, on the Bank Holiday weekend unless they can guarantee they clear all marques and tents. It was such a wonderful Weekend but this year caused us some problems with them trying to remove a caravan when the cars and stalls were lined up and the beer people trying to drive a large van through stalls also. We also lost some of our large regular stall holders as we didn’t have room to site them.
We rely on our car boots to raise money for the carnival each year so hope we can come to some solution.”

2.2 Brightlingsea Carnival Association requests permission to use the Bayard Recreation Ground on Saturday 16th June 2018 for its Carnival Day.

2.3 The Colne Yacht Club requests permission from the Town Council, to use the Hard in Brightlingsea, for a Bonfire and Firework Display, on Saturday 4th November, 2017.

• The event would be put on by the Colne Yacht Club ( CYC), for the benefit of both Members and the General Public.

• To run a successful firework display on the Hard we are dependent on having a low tide in the evening and Saturday the 4th November offers the best tides for such an event. We have contacted a number of vendors to see if they would be available to run the event for us, on this date, but due to demand they are not. As such, we have identified a nominated individual, from within the CYC, to be in charge of the event, with members setting the fireworks off in a controlled environment. We are in the process of addressing a number of issues relating to this but have willing volunteers who have performed these roles in the past. The event will be covered by a full risk assessment.

• We have had preliminary conversations with the Fire Brigade, Police, Harbour and our Insurance Company and are conscious that we would need to follow all the appropriate legislation, in order to run a successful event. We are also conscious that there are other local stakeholders that we would need to inform and will ramp up this activity, once we have permission. We confirm that we have public liability insurance and can provide more details of this if required.

• Timing: We would aim to close off the area around the Hard and ensure that the public were at least 25 from any bonfire and 50 m from any firework launch site.
• We would provide marshals in high viz jackets to both control the crowd and to collect donations.

• We would open the Colne Yacht Club and downstairs bar, which gives on to Waterside, and aim to sell both food and drink to both members and the public from 1800 hours.

• We would propose to light a bonfire on the Hard ( at a location to be agreed with the Harbour) at around 7.15 and set off the fireworks around 7.30 pm.

• We would envisage a 10 -12 minute Firework Display, depending on sponsorship.

1. We request formal permission from the Town Council to hold this event on the Hard and to close off access to traffic to ensure that the public remain safe.
2. We would like to obtain a copy any guidelines that you may have regarding the holding of Firework displays in the town.
3. We would request that the gates at the back of the boatyard, beyond the Colne Yacht Club, were unlocked, as an emergency exit in the event of any issues. ( This would allow egress to the left of the club house).
4. We will be collecting money in marked buckets, in order to pay for the event and raise much needed funds for the club. To that end we would like to invite the Town Council consider a donation to the running costs of the event, particularly as this appears to be the only Public Access Firework Display in the Town this November and will obviously be of benefit to the Town. We would suggest a donation of £500 might be appropriate.

• We will be seeking sponsorship from other companies with interests in the area, assuming permission is given for the event.

3.1 Copy of an e-mail concerning the B1027 road – Brightlingsea Road – B road or A road. (Copied to all Councillors and Mr Price).
3.2 Information from Essex County Council regarding the times of the street lights in Essex – The lights are programmed to switch off between 1am and 5am on Tuesdays to Sundays and from 12am until 5am on Monday mornings. (Copied to all Councillors).
3.3 Notification of the Mobile Library Consultation – 19th September to 6th November 2017.
3.4 Notification that ECC have just rolled out a new Local Highways Panel Tendring web-page, which brochures and details of how the local panels work.. The link is: http://www.essexhighways.org/transport-and-roads/highway-schemes-and-developments/local-highway-panels/tendring-lhp.aspx
3.5 Copy of the Tendring Local Highways Panel Meeting Agenda and paperwork for the meeting which took place on 19.9.17.

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