• Councillor Howard has received the following correspondence regarding the Brightlingsea Town Sign:-

“As  a Councillor I would like to raise a question at your next meeting regarding a decent town sign.


At present we have a ancient Brightlingsea sign that is now almost colourless I think we deserve a nice new sign similar to the new sign  in Alresford.  This is a beautiful town where I am honoured to be a resident for the past 5 years and I think we warrant a decent sign not that boring one that greets us at the church.


Please can we have a new one that represents the wonderful town we live in.”


  • The Brightlingsea Refugee Support Network are considering organising a Community Picnic on Sunday 18th June 2017 in the Millennium Gardens.

They are looking to hold a non-fundraising and non-political event, just an opportunity for local families and individuals to spend a couple of hours together chatting, sharing food, playing games, perhaps getting to know some different people from their community.

The date is the Sunday after the Carnival, and might well be a relaxed complement to the activities of the Saturday.

The husband of Jo Cox (Labour MP who was murdered last year) has suggested that around the anniversary of her death, local communities could hold events which would celebrate her ‘more in common’ ideals.


2.3 The Brightlingsea Community Centre have received a request from a local resident who wishes to locate a catering van within the Community Centre Car park during daytime hours of 8am and 3.30pm, and would be selling the usual hot food and drinks; burgers, hot dogs, bacon rolls etc.. Before the Board of Trustees can discuss this matter fully, they would like to seek the councils thoughts; being their Landlord, as they would not wish to contravene any conditions of their lease.