• Copy of the Superfast Essex Countywide Parish Engagement Event presentation slides from the meeting held on 13th July 2016. (Copied to Councillor V Chapman).
  • Copy of the EALC E bulletin – 28th July (Copied to all Councillors).
  • Notification from the RCCE of its Neighbourhood Planning Information Event – 17th August 2016 RCCE. (Copied to all Councillors).
  • Copy of the TDALC Minutes and appendix from the meeting held on the 27th (Copied to Councillor V Chapman).
  • Information from Notts Sport on Children’s Play and Kickabout Areas. (Copied to Grounds Manager).
  • Notification of the Essex County Council and Southend-on-Sea Replacement Waste Local Plan, including the following documents:
  1. An introduction letter from me, the Programme Officer with details about my role in the examination.
  2. ID-1 the Inspector’s Guidance Notes
  3. ID-2 the Inspector’s Matters and Issues
  4. ID-3 the hearing programme (subject to change, please contact me with any queries)
  • Notification of the chairman of Tendring District Council’s Charity Golf Day taking place on Thursday 13th October 2016.
  • Information from The Tree Council – East Anglian Region Tree Warden Forum 2016. (Copied to Grounds Manager).
  • Information from Essex County Council on Changes to recycling centres.
  • Information from Essex County Council on the pot hole outside Oaklands in Church Road, as follows:

“We can confirm that the entire length of Church Road, including the pothole you reported, was inspected on 5 August 2016 as part of our routine inspections and the pothole remains a low risk.  The amount of work that can be undertaken each year is dependent on budget and also the strategy agreed by the Cabinet Member and ECC Finance.  The Council needs to be very mindful of its spending and therefore all repairs/investigations/replacements need to be justified. In view of the low risk assessment, the pothole you referred to will not be repaired in the near future unless it’s condition significantly deteriorates.


If you require further information relating to the assessment and prioritisation of defects this can be accessed via our website using the following link: Roads strategies


Please be assured all roads are subject to routine inspections.  Highways is aware of the issues with this defect and it will continue to be monitored during our routine inspections.  Church Road is a Priority One route (PR1) and therefore is inspected on a monthly basis.  The next safety inspection is due in early September 2016.


Any issues that meet our criteria to repair, in accordance with our maintenance strategy, along a PR1 and PR2 route, is usually repaired within 28 days, depending on the Traffic Management arrangements.


If you feel there is significant deterioration of this defect and wish to report this, as you are aware the quickest and easiest way of reporting a highway issue is via our online Report It Tool – http://www.essexhighways.org/Report-a-problem.aspx.  Once this is reported online it creates an enquiry on our system and gets allocated to an inspector almost immediately.  Whereas if you are sending in an email, these then have to be logged on our database manually.




The online report it tool is also more accurate, the person who logs the issue knows exactly the specific location and can plot it accurately.  That way it will ensure our inspector is assessing the correct issue logged. This tool also provides the most current information for our customers, they are able to track their enquiry without the need of waiting for our customer team to update them.”

  • Copy of a letter from a local resident sent to Tim Sutton at Tendring District Council, regarding Brightlingsea Western Promenade. (Copied to Councillors V Chapman, Howard and Block).
  • Notification of Tree Preservation Orders made on 3, 5, 7 Marennes Crescent, Brightlingsea. (Copied to Grounds Manager).
  • Notification that on 20th July, TDC confirmed the Tree Preservation Order for the tree at the Former Police Station, Station Road



  • A local resident of Mill Street has suggested that the name Mill Street should be changed to Mill Lane, as it is a Lane not a Street. Preliminary investigations show that this process would have to go through Essex County Council Highways, then through a major consultation process including residents being consulted, maps being changed etc. Members comments please.
  • Fund Raising Events at the Community Centre – Table Top Sales are being held on the 21st August, 18th September and 16th October, should the weather be fine they would like to hold these events outside the main entrance on the front lawn, as this increases attendance.
  • Rotary Jog Walk Run on Sunday 11th September – Have asked if they can use the new extension to the churchyard (if it is not handed over the PCC by then), for its assembly point.   (Grounds Manager is happy, so long as it is not used as a car park).
  • Brightlingsea Fitness Class – would like to hold a circuit class on the grass near the beach on a Friday morning. Currently they have been running the class at the YMCA, but do not wish to take the hall for the whole morning. The class would run from 9.30-10.30am and would be for 16+ years, and would probably be 5-10 people. She is a fully trained level 2, exercise to music instructor and has her own insurance.
  • The Police and Crime Commissioner, Mr Hirst, was invited to attend a meeting with Brightlingsea Town Council some time ago. However, Mr Hirst has attended a public meeting in Brightlingsea earlier in the year. Does the Town Council still wish to meet with Mr Hirst?
  • Received a letter from the Vice President of the Community Centre, asking if the Town Council can support and encourage the Centre in some way, possible grant funding?


    • Copy of e-mails chasing the possible New Street re-surfacing – ECC0108703 and ECC0702929.
    • Copy of an e-mail sent to ECC concerning Drainage at Folkards Lane, Brightlingsea.
    • Notification of the Tendring Locality Board Agenda being held on Thursday 4th August 2016 at Jaywick. (Copied to all Councillors).
    • Information on Essex County Council – responsibilities. (Copied to all Councillors).
    • Copy of an e-mail from a local resident concerning pot holes in Moverons Lane.


Reminder: Next Councillor Surgery:10th September 2016 – 10am – 12noon at the Parish Hall

(In attendance: Councillors V Chapman and Dixon)

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