Councillors J Chapman, G Steady and K Yallop

Attended Full Council on 23rd January – topics discussed included speeds limits out side schools, adoption of the revised members code of conduct, pay policy, revised committee structure.


Full council on 6th February when the 2018/19 budget was adopted all three voted in favour


Councillor G Steady


Corporate Management Committee on 29th January where the Annual Treasury Strategy 2018/19 was discussed.


Standards Committee on 22nd January where a breach of the code of conduct by a member was discussed and a report by an external investigator was endorsed. 9 case reviews covering different scenarios where discussed and comments to be made was the concern over the lack of sanctions the committee can impose.


Wed 31st January had meetings with TDC Officers, Mike Carran and Paul Price with Councillor Barry regarding the Swimming Pool/Lido.