Councillor J Chapman and K Yallop

Cllr Karen Yallop and myself attended a all members briefing on the subject of the Colchester Hospital and Ipswich Hospital amalgamation.

Dr Shane Gordon spoke on the plans to put forward a business case by late 2017 and they hope by Spring/ early summer 2018 the trusts will be bought together.

It was highlight that smaller hospitals are struggling and Colchester is classed as a small to medium hospital The plan will be to have more specialist staff with specialist units being held in each of the hospitals. This already takes place as heart patients are already sent to Basildon Hospital as Colchester do not have the money or qualified staff to do the treatment.

It was stressed that both hospitals will keep Emergency departments, 24 hour services for urgent surgery and Maternity services will remain. Vast majority of clinics will be at both hospitals.

Councillors J Chapman, G Steady and K Yallop

Attended Full Council on 5th September. Proceedings were interrupted due to someone in the public gallery feeling unwell.

Councillor G Steady

Attended Cabinet Meeting on 5th September where the main items was the progress of the North Essex Garden Communities and Long Term Financial Sustainability Plan – 10 year forecast.