Councillor J Chapman

Attended a Human Resources and Council Tax Committee meeting on Monday 24th September.

Apprentice and career track update was given.

Update on Health and Safety Policy. The council has a legal duty of care under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. When it is passed at Full Council I will bring back to Brightlingsea Town Council and compare with ours and would then update ours if needed and council agree.

Update on Social Media Policy, again if passed at Full Council we could incorporate it into our policy

Councillor G Steady

Attended a Standards Committee Meeting on the 3rd October.

Had a meeting with the Planning Officer on Tuesday 9th October, with councillor Barry, to discuss planning of the Lido Cafe Refurbishment.

Meeting with Tendring District Council Officers on the 11th October to discuss Tendring issues in Brightlingsea, with Councillors J Chapman and Barry.


Councillor K Yallop

Attended the following:-

Audit Committee Meeting on the 27th September.

Overview and Scrutiny Committee Meting on the 1st October, where the sub-committee which I sit on gave the final report for the Car Rally, which will be taking place.