Reports from Tendring District Councillors –Agenda No. 12

Council Meeting 17th November 2016

Councillor J Chapman

Attended Human Resources meeting on 15th November. Report to follow.


Councillor Steady

17/10 Attended the Environmental Working Party to find budget savings.


1/11  Attended site visit for the planning application for Homefield, Church Road, Brightlingsea.

The above application went before the TDC planning committee on 1/11/16,after being called in by Cllr Jayne Chapman. The application was refused; this was after a TDC officer recommended approval.


Presentations against were given by myself as a ward member and Liz Artingdale as a member of the public, a presentation for was given by the developers agent Tim Snow.


After reviewing the substance of the meeting I would like to make the following points.


  • If backland development is against TDC planning policy LP8 what advice was given to the applicant by a TDC officer in a pre application meeting?


  • Two similar schemes have been refused by either the TDC planning committee or an inspector on appeal. What was the difference between these schemes? The TDC officer, when asked, intimated very little.


  • The point about  development in Brightlingsea covering the next fifteen years was well made when it was raised that TDC could not show a five year supply of development land. A TDC officer said the short fall was for the whole of Tendring and that they could not break it down by area.


I think the planning committee should decide if comments should be made to TDC regarding the issues raised.


9/11 Attended Parish Budget Meeting at TDC, with the Town Clerk. Notes as follows:-

  • The LCTS Grant (offered to Town And Parish Councils by TDC) and the Revenue Support Grant (given by the Government to District Councils) will disappear by 2020.
  • TDC are waiting for the Autumn Statement to be issued by the Chancellor around 23/24 November.
  • TDC grants have been reduced by 36%
  • For 2017/2018 the LCTS will be reduced by a further 5%
  • The tax base may increase due to the number of houses being built in the area
  • Possible Referendum – to cap precept for Town and Parish Councils – consultation is on-going. This will affect precepts of over £500,000 or £75.46 tax base per house. There are no T&P Councils in the Tendring District which have a precept of 1/2m. (Frinton & Walton has the highest precept of around £325,000 and Alresford’s tax base is around £100.)

Important Dates:

  • TDC will send out ready reckoner form asap
  • TDC will inform of T&P Councils of their Tax Base early December
  • Precept figures to be received by TDC no later than 25th January 2017
  • TDC meeting to agree budgets – 7th February 2017

14/11 Attended a meeting of the Electoral Review Working Group. Items considered for this meeting were:-


  1. The key task is clearly to consider revised ward boundaries for Tendring which meet the following criteria:-


  • Based on 48 Councillors
  • Provides electoral equality – perfect electoral equality based on the forecast electorate of 116,000 and 48 members is 2,417 electors per Councillor. The LGBCE allow a tolerance of 10% either way so we are looking for no ward to have less than 2,175 electors per Councillor and no more than 2,959
  • Recognises communities
  • District ward boundaries do not cut across parish councils or parish wards
  • Allows for effective and convenient government.


Officers have drawn up an initial scheme which meets the above criteria and is based at this point on single member wards but the number of councillors per ward clearly does need to be discussed. This is not intended in any way to be a proposed scheme for your approval but, given that time is tight, it is attached merely as a starting point for discussion. It needs a fair amount of further work not least because some of the proposals are beyond the tolerance on electoral equality.  Data in relation to this is attached and I will have A3 copies and maps available on Monday.


  1. I attach a draft Council report for Council on 29th November which aims to set out how the process can be managed given that the LGBCE deadline for responses is 9th January but the next Council meeting is not until 24th


  1. Engagement with other Councillors.


14/11 Attended Community Leadership and Partnership Committee Meeting. The Essex Police and Crime Commissioner was in attendance


16/11 Attended Purelake presentation and Harbour Commissioners Annual Meeting.


Councillor Yallop

Attended the Community Leadership and Partnership Committee Meeting on Monday 14th November, where Roger Hurst, the Police and Crime Commissioner attended.

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