Reports from Tendring District Councillors –Agenda No. 14

Council Meeting 16th November 2017

Councillor K Yallop

Attended Community Leadership and Partnership meeting on 13th November 2017. The Police and Fire Commissioner, Mr Roger Hurst attended the meeting and gave a report on how the departments are now working together. They have recruited 15 people onto the 101 phone line, and they are still aware that this needs to improve. Specials – They had 1,000 applicants, 400 have been taken on and that equates to 10,000 hours per month. They are still keeping the PCSO’s, and are recruiting for regular police.

The Fire Brigade are working with the Police and when visiting residents, not only are they advising on fire safety, but also crime prevention.

A report was given from The Tendring Community Safety Partnership, which is part of TDC and other organisations.

Councillor J Chapman

I attended a Human Resources meeting where a report was given on the apprentices employed by TDC and the pay policy for 2018.

Councillor G Steady

Attended Community Governance Review Meeting on 7th November. See below.



 Tendring District Council will be carrying out a Community Governance Review in accordance with the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007. Part 4, chapter 3 sets out the requirements for Community Governance Reviews.

What does the Community Governance Review cover?

This Community Governance review is for an area of land between St Osyth and Clacton. The land is shown in detail, shaded in red, in Appendix A. The Council is seeking views on whether the District Council boundary and St Osyth Parish boundary should be coterminous.

What is a Community Governance Review?

A Community Governance Review is a legal process whereby Principal Councils (district, County or London Borough) can undertake reviews of community governance in their area. This is usually done by way of review of Town and Parish Council and the 2007 Act allows for a Principal Council to make recommendations on one or more of the following:-

  • The creating, aggregating, amalgamating, separation, grouping or abolition of town and parish councils;
  • the name and style of a new town or parish council;
  • the electoral arrangements of town and parish councils (e.g. number of councillors, wards, election frequency etc.)

Why is Tendring District Council undertaking this Review?

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England issued final recommendations on new electoral arrangements for Tendring District Council in July 2017. As a consequence of this review there is now a small area of land that sits within the St Osyth District Council boundary but is not within the St Osyth Parish boundary. Tendring District Council is therefore seeking views on whether the St Osyth Parish boundary should be moved to become coterminous with the new St Osyth District Council boundary. The new District boundary is fixed through the recommendations of the Local Government Boundary Commission for England so the only option available to make these two boundaries coterminous is to move the parish boundary and add this small area of land to the St Osyth parish area.

The electorate figures that were used during the District review shows that there were 171 affected electors at 2016 which is forecast to rise to 230 affected electors in 2022.

In all other parts of Tendring, District and Parish boundaries are coterminous.


Tendring Council is required to consult with electors for the area under review and any other person or body which appears to us to have an interest in the review.

The Council will be consulting with the residents living in the shaded area shown in Appendix A. We will also be consulting with St Osyth Parish Council. The terms of reference Community Governance Review will also be made available on our website and advertised in the press so that other parties have the opportunity to express a view.

Consideration of the Terms of Reference, draft and final recommendations will be conducted at a public Council meeting.

In drawing up recommendations following consultation the Council must have regard to the need to secure that local community governance:-

  • reflects the identities and interests of the community in that area; and
  • is effective and convenient.


The Community Governance Review must by law be completed within 12 months of the Terms of Reference being published. The provisional timetable is:-

Action Date
Terms of Reference considered by Full Council 23 January 2018
Terms of Reference published and start of consultation 24 January 2018
End of consultation 31 March 2018
Draft recommendations considered by Full Council 15 May 2018
Consult on draft recommendations 16 May 2018 to 15 June 2018
Final recommendations considered by Full Council 3 July 2018
Final proposal and order publicised September 2018
Final boundary arrangements incorporated in Local Elections May 2019


Three Parishes Meeting

Community Governance Review


Letter from Neil Stock, leader of TDC, received on 22nd August.

Ward Boundaries & Representations – Post 2019 Elections

Lawford, Manningtree and Mistley will be one District Council Ward with a three District Councillor representation. This is a logical change from what have been the historical arrangements. The District Councillor ward area will at last be coterminous with the area of the three parishes.

Current Parish Council Representation

The current Parish/Town Council establishment for the three parishes is:

  • Lawford 15 Councillors
  • Manningtree 07 Councillors
  • Mistley 11 Councillors

The three parishes are served by three web-sites, three part-time Parish Clerks & 33 Councillors.

In comparison Brightlingsea Town Council, which is warded, currently has a marginally larger recorded population than the three parishes, has a total of 12 Town Councillors, a full-time Town Clerk and an Administrative Assistant/Receptionist. The Brightlingsea Town Council office is open five days a week and has a current dynamic web-site.

Population Data (Census 2011)

  • Brightlingsea 8,076
  • Lawford 4,302
  • Manningtree                911
  • Mistley 2,685
  • Three Parishes 7,898

The three parishes will have a significantly larger population growth than Brightlingsea over the next 5 – 10 years. Already the 2011 census data is significantly out of date. It is estimated that the actual population of the three parishes already exceeds that of Brightlingsea.

There are currently planning approvals for approximately 1,100 new homes to be built primarily in Lawford and Mistley. These will be completed in the next few years. This is likely to result in a combined population growth of around 4,500 new residents when these homes are built, giving us a combined population of around 12,500 by 2022-2025.

An additional comparison is that of Harwich, with has a population of approximately 18,000 residents, served by just 16 councillors in four wards.

Council Amalgamation – Benefits or non-Benefits

  • A slimmer more effective and professional council
  • Fewer occasions when the co-opting of new councillors is required
  • The ability to employ permanent support staff
  • An economy of scale when awarding contracts
  • The legal and financial ability to initiate and control local projects – for example Housing or Regeneration
  • Taken more seriously by other councils and official bodies
  • Fewer opportunities to become one of the existing number of 33 councillors

Views of the electorate

  • To consider a referendum – cost to be shared on a pro-rata basis

Any further immediate action

  • To report back to Parish Councils
  • To communicate discussions with Neil Stock





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