Reports from Tendring District Councillors –Agenda No. 13

Council Meeting 19th November 2015

 Councillors J Chapman, G Steady and K Yallop

All three attended a meeting at Tendring District Council on the 19th October concerning Devolution. The basics are that central government will be devolving power to County Councils, who will then do the same to District Councils, which is what this meeting concerned, but going on from this it would seem some would be devolved to Parish Councils. The main question is ‘although the powers and responsibilities will be devolved, will there be any extra funding’. This is something we feel needs to be taken into consideration when future budgets are set.


Councillor Steady

Attended an informal Corporate Management Committee Meeting on the 22nd October to have a wide ranging discussion regarding the aspirations of the committee.


Further to the last council meeting when I ‘volunteered’ to try and progress the Leisure Village issue, please see below e-mails sent to residents:


“Dear Pamela


Graham has spoken to Trisha Martin who is the Planning Officer at Tendring District Council concerning having a meeting.  She was a bit reticent to do this, in as much as the report was issued to gather information as it would appear that all the different sites in Tendring can, and some do, adhere to different regulations.  For example, the Highfields site in Clacton have appealed against their closure period, and obviously the outcome of that appeal will dictate policy for the other sites in Tendring.


So, if you could send in questions/suggestions to us, we will then forward them on to Tendring, and your comments will be part of the consultation process.


I hope this makes sense.  Any problems please do not hesitate to contact Graham on 07771 760871.






To: Town Clerk
Subject: RE: Brightlingsea Leisure Village

Thank you Tracey, and please thank Graham for progressing this on our behalf


From: Town Clerk
Sent: 04 November 2015 14:27
Subject: Brightlingsea Leisure Village

Dear Pamela


As per the last Council meeting, where Councillor Steady suggested that he would make contact with Mr Hammerton and try to solve the current issues at the Leisure Village.  This is just to inform you that he has spoken to Mr Hammerton and Mr Hammerton advised him that he will be issuing a letter/document to all residents the first week of December.  Councillor Steady did request that a copy of this letter/document is also sent the Town Council.


So, it looks as if progress is being made, but until the documentation is received we cannot be 100% sure.


Regarding the meeting with Officers from Tendring District Council, Councillor Steady is still awaiting a response from Tendring but he is hoping to progress this by the end of the week.


Can you please pass this information onto Jenny and Katie, as I do not have their e-mail addresses.


Many thanks



Councillor Yallop

Community Leadership and Partnerships Committee 


I attended a meeting on Monday 26th October.


A presentation was given by Leanne Thornton who is the community and safety manager. We looked at how they are tackling Anti Social behaviour, reducing crime and fear of crime, reducing drug and alcohol  re- a fending. They have a scheme where they go into schools to give a presentation to the pupils.


Nick Alston and Chief Inspector Russ Cole District Commander were also present and each gave a talk on policing at this time. We will be seeing the reduction of PCSO’s from 200 to 60. 25 front counters will be going and Clacton Police Station will remain but the front counter will go. As times have changed with social media and crime stoppers the public are using these avenues rather than going to a police station.


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