Reports from Tendring District Councillors –Agenda No. 14

Council Meeting 18th May 2017

Councillors J Chapman, Steady and Yallop

Attended Full Council on 25th April, which was the Annual Meeting. Councillor J Chapman came to the end of a very successful year as Chairman. Pleased to inform everyone Councillor Yallop was elected as Vice Chairman for the coming year.

Other items discussed:-

  • Formation and Disillusion of Political Groups,

  • Members Allowances – an increase of £51.00 per year per member was agreed,

  • Membership of Committees were agreed. Councillor Yallop, as well as being Vice Chairman will be on the Local Plan Committee and the Community Leadership and Partnership Committee. Councillor J Chapman will be on the Service Development and Delivery Committee and HR Committee. Councillor Steady remains Chairman of the Corporate Management Committee and a member of the Town and Parish Council Standards Sub- Committee.

9th May – The Asset Management Plan was adopted as was the Electoral Review Findings.

Councillor Steady attended the corporate management meeting on the 15th may, where the performance report was reviewed and also an update on Careline and the lifting service was given. The performance of this service has been quite exceptional, I do have a hard copy of the presentation if required.