Reports from Tendring District Councillors –Agenda No. 12

Council Meeting 16th March 2017

Councillor J Chapman

Human Resources meeting where recruitment and selection policy was discussed and also Pay Policy Statement for 2017/18 where it is proposed that the lowest wage that is paid is SCP 8 which will be £7.90 per hour for over 25 and £7.05 for people under this age or £5.60 for ages 18 to 20.

A staff report was also given where Tendring employs above the local average for both disability and ethnicity.  Tendring employ 360 full time staff and 377 part time staff.

It was also shown that the national average for sick or absence days was 10.5 days.  The figure for TDC is 9.89 days for long term absence and 2.39 days for short term, making it well below the UK  average.

Councillor Steady

Attended Corporate Management Meeting on 13th March 2017, where the budget for the 1/3rd quarter was reviewed.  Work programme for2017-2018 was discussed and agreed, and the asset management plan was scrutinised.