Councillors J Chapman, G Steady and K Yallop

On Wednesday 9th February Cllrs Steady, Yallop and Chapman attended a meeting at Weeley. This was with the coalition ruling group and was an informal chat and debate on many subjects.

Neil Stock briefed us on the Sunday trading vote that had been defeated.


Questions were asked about the level crossing a Manningtree, Carlo explained that he and other councillors had met with developers about the number of new houses and had they thought about the crossing situation and road. Which they had not.


ECC have started to discuss the possibility of one service refuse collect, or possibly 2 weekly collection. Tendring have always stated they would not go down that route and have reiterated this to ECC. They wanted each council to pay into a management committee approx. £12,000 from each authority. Tendring has the lowest contract price for refuse.


There is a new SME fund for businesses to help with expansion or new business to get started.


Councillor Yallop


Introduce to the Council’s new Corporate Antisocial Behaviour Policy, on behalf of the Council’s Community. New Antisocial Behaviour (ASB) Policy which had been drafted to bring it in line with the additional tools and powers granted to Local Authorities in the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

ASB Policy set out the Council’s policy and the procedures that were to be followed on receipt of a complaint of ASB to the Council. The Policy explained what was meant by ‘antisocial behaviour’ and set out the guiding principles for the Officers in the Council that dealt with ASB. The draft Policy gave a Policy Statement which said that the Council recognised the need to tackle ASB as it could have a detrimental impact upon the District’s residents, communities and visitors and that the Council would work in partnership with other agencies to assist those persons who had been experiencing ASB. Outlined was the definition of ASB which was: “Behaviour by a person, which causes, or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons, not of the same household, as the perpetrator” restorative justice with a Hub being launched in October 2015 which was based at the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), this would offer mediation for neighbour disputes and low level ASB as well as referrals for Restorative Justice and added that the Council had two Restorative Justice Champions within the Council.

The Council’s website would be reviewed to assist in directing people to the appropriate agency.

Service Development and Delivery Scrutiny Committee 26 February 2016

Public Conveniences Strategy.

A presentation of the public conveniences across Tendring was given and the toilets on promenade way on the list to be updated if monies can be found in the budget and re positioning the entrance to the car park as it was felt it is to near the toilets.


Councillor Steady

Further to the Devolution Meeting I attended Friday 12th February, please se below e-mail from Councillor Marianne Overton MBE, who is the Vice Chair of the LGA Independent Group.

“Dear Friends and Colleagues,


Is Devolution devoid of democracy?


Devolution deals are developing under cover, it seems. George Osbourne has them firmly under his control and the budget may give an opportunity to announce at least one in a Conservative area. Otherwise devolution could be seen as an exercise of handing power from a conservative-controlled government to Labour and Independent controlled local authorities.

Because some of the powers in the devolution deals are currently being provided by Metropolitan, Unitary or County Councils, there is inevitably a pooling of resources upwards into the new tier of government as well as downwards from Central Government, assuming it is all carried through. That means health has to lift some of the controls it has held very tightly until now. Moving most of the County responsibilities into Combined Authorities makes me wonder what will be left in the Counties’ portfolio. Is this an extra layer of government or is it a step towards the demise of County Councils?

A worrying part of the process is the use of the old-fashioned sales techniques of creating secrecy and rushed urgency, more commonly associated with con artists than politicians. I hope these are not employed. By that I mean the old game of “don’t tell the others what a good deal I’ve given you” and ” it has to be signed by Friday, or the deal’s off.”   Signing away powers behind closed doors would be a poor undermining of our democracy. They do have to be finally signed off by our Councillors, but how well do members, let alone the public, feel they have had a chance to engage and properly contribute to getting a better outcome for their residents?

This government does like to do business by transactional deals, rather than inspiration through a shared vision of a brighter future. That task remains firmly with us in our councils and our communities.

The LGA Leadership Board and Executive met this week, with devolution and housing and planning taking centre stage. Our Information and Development Seminar on housing and planning was well attended last week and Group Members were clear in the reasons for their objections to the damaging proposals from government. Our comments have been incorporated into the formal LGA response and used in supporting the Lords in their amendments this week.


At Councillors Forum, it was great to hear Louise Casey outline her current work on integration and community cohesion to keep children and families safe. These forum sessions are open to Councillors and you are welcome to attend and ask the senior officers and politicians direct questions.  Dates of the meetings can be found here

I look forward to seeing you soon and thank you for your continued commitment to making life better for our residents


Kind regards,

Councillor Marianne Overton MBE”


Attended informal meeting of the Corporate Management on the 7th March to further improve the overview and scrutiny role of the committee.

Attended the ‘Facts & Fiction’ meeting on Friday 11th March regarding the housing of refugee proposal for Brightlingsea and Tendring.  A good debate ensued and the chairman conducted the meeting very well.

Attended Standards Committee Meeting on Monday 14th March where the review of the independent person and also the members gifts and hospitality policies were discussed and updated. Once the gifts and hospitality policy has been updated, and I have a copy, I would like to suggest that the Town Council adopts it for our own code of conduct.

Attending the Electoral Review Working Group meeting on 21st March, see agenda below:






Membership of the Working Party

Cllr Paul Honeywood (Chair)

Cllr Neil Stock

Cllr Carlo Guglielmi

Cllr Mark Stephenson

Cllr Richard Everett

Cllr Graham Steady

Cllr Joy Broderick

Cllr Mick Skeels

Cllr Ivan Henderson




Presentation by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England

Lead Commissioner – Alison Lowton

Review Manager – Richard Buck

Review Officer – William Morrison




  1. Timetable


Activity Date
Briefing for Working Party and Group Leaders 21 March 2016
Briefing for Members 31 May 2016
Briefings for parish / town councils July / August 2016
Draft Council size submission to Commission 5 September 2016
Council meeting to agree size submission 6 September 2016
Final Council size submission to Commission 27 September 2016
Commission meeting to decide council size 18 October 2016
Consultation on ward boundaries start 25 October 2016
Consultation on ward boundaries end 9 January 2017
Commission meeting to agree draft recommendations 21 February 2017
Consultation on draft recommendations start 14 March 2017
Consultation on draft recommendations end 8 May 2017
Commission meeting to agree final recommendations 20 June 2017
Final recommendations published 11 July 2017
Order Laid in Parliament October 2017
Order Made December 2017
New electoral arrangements come into effect at elections May 2019


  1. Future Meeting Dates


11 April

9 May

13 June

11 July

8 August

Further meetings to be arranged to consider ward boundaries


  1. Where are we now?


  • A Cabinet and Committee governance model
  • 60 Councillors
  • 35 wards
  • 10 Cabinet Members
  • Committees and number of members
    • Audit – 5
    • Community Leadership and Partnership – 8
    • Corporate Management Committee – 8
    • Council Tax Committee – 5
    • Education and Skills – 8
    • Human Resources – 14
    • Licensing and Registration – 15
    • Local Plan – 15
    • Planning – 11
    • Service Development and Delivery – 8
    • Standards – 7
      • Town and Parish Council Standards – 3 plus 3 Town and Parish representatives
    • Licensing Sub Committees
      • General Purposes – 8
      • Premises / Personal Licences A – 3
      • Premises / Personal Licences B – 3
      • Premises / Personal Licences C – 3

Other information to be gathered to inform the ‘where are we now?’ position

  • Committee workload – frequency and length of meetings / briefings etc.
  • Attendance levels at meetings
  • of Members who also sit on Essex County Council
  • of Members who also sit on Town and Parish Councils
  • Number of decisions made – Cabinet / Portfolio Holders / Officers
  • Delegation arrangements within the Constitution
  • Number and membership of outside bodies
  • Members’ engagement with electorate – method / frequency
  • Mandatory training for Members
  • Change in member role since the last review (2000)
  • Impact of future changes – national and local
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