Joint report from Councillors Barry, Chapman and Steady

The Annual meeting of TDC was postponed until 28th May due to the late election of St Osyth ward. With the election being won by 2 Independents this gave us 6 in our Independent group.

As it stood at the meeting we were very conscious that it was going to be a stale mate in votes and the retiring chairman would have a casting vote, even though he had not been re-elected. As it happened the past Leader was re elected by 25 votes to 21 due to others voting in different ways or abstaining.

The Independent group will have a member on each committee.

Councillor Steady will sit on Audit and Standards Committee, Councillor Barry will sit on Resources and Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Councillor Chapman will be Chairing Human Resources and Council Tax and on Planning Policy and Local Plan committee.

Councillors Barry and Chapman attended a scrutiny training evening.

Councillor Chapman attended a cabinet meeting and an all group leaders meeting as group leader for the Independents.

Councillor Steady will be a representative on the Highways Panel.

The spray team are in the town today (Tuesday 18th June) after representations made to Portfolio Holder.


Report from Councillor Barry

First impressions report

Finding myself as an unfamiliar one of forty-eighty on the District Council was not as daunting as it first seemed. Supported by experienced colleagues, with further membership of a group of six independents, provided reassurance – and it seemed as though we had the numbers to form the ruling administration. Then the politics began.

The ruling conservatives formed an alliance with the five UKIP members and then persuaded three Holland Councillors to join them . It may have been the offer of cabinet seats, who knows?

24 to 24 with the casting vote on appointments to outgoing Tory Chairman – who ironically had lost his seat. Two of our independent group from St Osyth broke ranks to vote with the conservatives and reaffirm Neil Stock as council leader. Cries of foul and accusations of mendacious skulduggery came from the opposition coalition.

This was just my first full meeting. Very interesting and I can’t wait to see what follows!

I have also attended a number of briefings and a full induction day and am beginning to find my feet as a member of the internal resources Overview and Scrutiny committee. I am genuinely quite excited by the whole thing at the moment – this may well change of course – but having noticed a different level of communication and decision making I am confident I can make an impression and along with Councillors Steady and Chapman make a difference for Brightlingsea.

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