Councillor J Chapman

A Tendring District Councillor Surgery was held on Saturday 17th November 2018, which proved successful.


A meeting was held on 28th November with Tendring Councillors and Offices of TDC regarding S106. Please see below notes from this meeting:-


“Present Carlo Guglielmi, Paul Price, Fred Nicholls, Martyn Knappett, Michael Talbot, Graham Laws, Lisa Hastings, Graham Steady, Karen Yallop, Jayne Chapman.

Carlo opened the meeting and explained the list of priorities we had put together had no associated funding attached to it.

GS thought we could get funding from existing budgets, it was explained by Officers that 106 monies was an existing budget. It was also explained that 106 would disappear in the future.

Issues on the swimming pool were voiced.

PP stated we were not there to discuss the swimming pool, the main reason for meeting was to go through the criteria for 106 monies as it was being asked for the swimming pool changing rooms.

Developers could challenge what the 106 monies is spent on, eg if the agreement is for open space then that is what it must be used on.

GS asked for the policy for 106,   There is no policy but it is a legal requirement to adhere to the agreement.

LH explained that there is an open space policy in the old plan and a new policy is being put together in the new plan.

GS said the amount of money available in 106 is £50,000 and with the second phase of Robinson Rd £61,000 is due. He explained that BTC had worked with the developers.

He reiterated on the swimming pool situation and that a refund was due on the water rates. TDC still waiting on response.

GS suggested going to Hopkins Homes and asking if the 106 could be used on the swimming pool. It was suggested this could be illegal.

MK asked if BTC had broader plans for the use of 106 monies and that there was no reason that TDC could not work with us on reasonable projects.

Officers stated they had not received the applications and formal request for 106 monies only emails and these should now be re- submitted with all the details of all projects and why they fulfil the criteria. Send all applications to Paul Price and Martyn Knappett.

Put all applications in separately and not on block and look at the open space policy.

MT summed up and felt that the two ends BTC and TDC were not joining and must be in future joined.

We were also reminded that S106 monies could disappear when the new local plan is put into place.”


Councillor G Steady

Attended Resources and Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting 29th November which covered the emerging tourism strategy, findings of recycling task and finish group findings, long term finance performance and forecast

All three attended Full Council on 27th November which covered LCTS scheme, councils constitution, appointment of independent persons to the remuneration panel.

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