Councillor K Yallop

I attended Community Leadership and Partnerships Committee  on the 31 July 2017.


Susannah Howard (STP Programme Director) and Sam Hepplewhite (Chief Officer – North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group) were in attendance and gave the Committee an overview of the progress that had been made over the past few months. Members were informed that positive feedback had been received from NHS England and that praise had been given for the noticeably high quality of leadership. Good progress had also been made with Key System Working and Suffolk and North East Essex STP had been rated as a category 2 which was an upper tier advanced rating and so overall the STP was working well as a system. A booklet was given out to member’s which a copy is in the office.

Councillor G Steady

On Thursday 10th August a meeting was held with an officer from Tendring District Council and Councillors Steady, Yallop, J Chapman, V Chapman and Block. The meeting was held under the heading of “Tendring District Council not working in Brightlingsea”. It was highlighted by the Town and District Councillors that certain promises were given concerning a beach management scheme, toilets, siting of tress, cycle racks, showers, condition of grass car park, grass under undertaken in the town by TDC. A robust discussion took place, where it was agreed that the Town Council would carry out an audit of “which council does what, where and when” within the town. It was highlighted that there has been an acknowledgement by Officers and Portfolio Holders of Tendring District council that there has been a lack of investment in Brightlingsea. As it was highlighted, the investment coming into the town includes “the Marina, Hopkins Homes, the Swimming Pool, Batemans Tower Cafe, Morgan Marina Development and the Honace Development at Lower Farm”, and the one strand that is missing is capital investment from Tendring.


It was agreed by the Town Councillors that the Town Council would be more proactive in town issues, where Tendring are involved.