Councillors J Chapman, G Steady and K Yallop

27/3 Attended Full Council where the annual state of TDC was given, annual treasury strategy was approved. Various motions were proposed and voted on.


Councillor J Chapman

Attended an all members meeting on 21st March.


Briefing was given on the new Universal Credit which goes live in July in this District. Anyone claiming a benefit will be changed to the new system, payments will go from 2 weekly to monthly. People receiving rent help can authorise payments to go direct to the landlord from the beginning or if they get into arrears.


There is a web site that will give advice on understanding Universal credit.


Possible future changes to free school meals. People earning more than £7400 will lose the free meals.


Briefing on the new Homelessness Reduction Act.


All councils have to have a homeless act strategy


TDC has a duty to secure a home if you have family and children.   Can also refer people back to place they have come from if they are from outside our district.


There will be a change in tenants who get council houses in the future. The plan is to not get a house for life. New Flexi tenancy. 1 year to start and then a 5 year.   People will be re assessed after 5 years and only given a new lease depending on status, financial, means to earn etc. to see if they still qualify.


Trying to get people to give up large council houses when their family have left home and move into smaller houses or bungalows will help shorten the list.


Moves to take empty and second homes and encourage the owners to lease to the council on a long lease. eg 5 to10 years.


Service Development and Delivery meeting on 4th April.


A demonstration from John Higgins TDC head of IT and Corporate Resilience.


We had a demonstration of the new proposed Kiosk. Everything that you would normally phone in and ask a member of staff about, ie benefits, housing environmental issues, can now be done on this new portal, Kiosk. It is hoped that within a year BTC will have one in the office. There will be no job loses only 4 through natural wastage.


Presentation on the Councils Customer Service Delivery and a review on the year 2018/2019 work program.


Councillor Yallop and I will attend a meeting on Wednesday 18th April with Detective Chief Inspector Paul Wells on Organised Crime Gangs and Hidden Arms.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition with Guy Fletch ANPR Manager for Kent and Essex.


Cyber Security with David Gibb cyber crime Essex and Kent serious crime Directorate Data Protection Regulations with Data protection and IT services manager


Councillor Steady

19/3 Attended Standards Committee Items included mandatory training, standards in public life, declarations of interest.


17/4 Attended meeting with TDC officers with Cllr Barry re the Lido.

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