Reports from Tendring District Councillors –Agenda No. 13

Council Meeting 16th April 2015


Councillor Alan Goggin

  • Last full Council TDC meeting March 24. Several key points which affect Brightlingsea residents.
    • Part Street Night Lighting. Essex County Council announced prior to the meeting that they have amended the “switch off time to 01.00 AM. This is an extra 1 hour of lighting. I believe it is meant to answer the point about residents working late shifts and returning home. It will also cover the point about residents returning home from a late night out. (It is interesting to note that the first time that this was mentioned officially to ECC was at the recent Brightlingsea-by-election.)
    • Prior to the most recent consultation there had been very little hard evidence (either way) as to the advantages and disadvantages, the dangers and perceptions. Much speculation and a large element of electioneering. Most local Town & Parish Councils responded directly. None thought that it would be a good idea to add to the TDC rates annually. The public response was really surprisingly poor in relation to the whole population.
    • None of the emergency services could confirm any incidents where street lights of had led to any serious problems. Answers had been received from the Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance Services, First responders etc. The only negative response came from the AA but it was generic and not district specific
    • It was agreed that TDC go back to ECC and try to negotiate for lights in areas that wanted them and no lights in areas that did not. As many will have read ECC had previously not agreed to Harlow’s request for all the lights all the time. Not always easy to spot but some disruption from the audience appeared to be led by the Labour Group and Harwich in particular. I am not in a position to comment but if so it was interesting that Harwich Town Councils report could find no evidence themselves and did not appear to want to pay. Locally Allresford, Thorrington, Great Bentley and St.Osyth already pay for some of their own lights via a charge to their respective precepts.
  • I attended a highways panel meeting at Weeley It is a public meeting and I was pleased to see many local councils represented. The only issue for Brightlingsea residents was the request from the Colne to consider a 20 MPH limit around the school that I had been asked to discuss. At this stage I was not sure if it was permanent or just during peak times and term times? It is a good place to request answers and to promote road safety issues and I recommend that the Council always send a representative in relation to roads.
  • A quiet time at TDC as many prepare for elections and last minute headlines and sound bites are to be expected.
  • As always I would be interested to hear from any Councillors or residents with ideas about generating and saving more money in the district.   The cabinet meet formally or informally every week and if there are any Brightlingsea Issues that you would like me to especially raise – please feel free to ask.


Councillor Graham Steady

Attended Corporate Management Meeting on Wednesday 25th March, and Full Council on Tuesday 24th March. Both of these were the last in the Council cycle before the forthcoming elections.

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