• No full Council meeting since 26/11/2013.  Next 19 Feb 2014.  Big meeting as to approve/agree budget.
  • From Brightlingsea residents point of view it is proposed that the rates will again be reduced by 0.5% as in previous years.  Approved at Cabinet but needs to be agreed by full council.  Interesting change to possible structure of rates collection over coming years could radically change way rates are collected in future.
  • Among budget items that residents may feel significant are:-
    • Council to date have already found total savings of £5.5 million.
    • Next years budget needs to save additional £2 million.
    • Tendring amongst lowest rates in County. Band D annual tax amount. At Harlow highest at £255.33.  Colchester at £175.23.  Tendring £147.64.
    • Salaries to staff increased at only 1% as opposed to 2% from most other authorities.
    • Parking residents scheme to continue.
    • No cuts in front line services.
  • Following resignation of Peter Halliday a new Leader of the Council will be elected.
  • Wed 15 Jan all members briefing.  Will report back if any key points.
  • Thursday 16 Jan Locality Board meeting.  Will report back if any key points.
  • As always I would be interested to hear from any Councillors or residents with ideas about generating and saving money in the district.   The cabinet meet informally every week as well as formally every 3 / 4 weeks and I will be pleased to represent any views which have merit.
  • All 3 Tendring Councillors have made local nominations for Pride of Tendring new years honours list. Full presentation Friday Feb 7.  Sponsored by DONG.
  • Work from Tendring staff at Western Prom appears to have been appreciated by all beach hut owners.  Many months of work ahead.  Vivienne may have more updates.

Councillor Alan Goggin


Attended Full Council on Tuesday 26th November . Two interesting items were discussed and voted on, namely the local council tax support scheme – where it was proposed that any reduction from Central Government regarding this be passed on to Local Town and Parish Councils, lots of information forthcoming on the night which tended to shroud the issue. Jayne and myself voted against any reduction in the grant to Town and Parish Councils as the grant from Central Government had not been reduced. The local plan was put up for adoption, an amendment was tabled which was that a development at Horsley Cross should be included. The amendment was carried , which then became the substantive motion. Jayne and myself voted for both as we think that after all the consultations the local plan representatives a good deal for Brightlingsea.

Attended Cabinet meeting on Friday 13th December to explain recommendations from the Corporate Management Committee. The major news from this meeting was that the Council Leader, Peter Halliday, resigned after giving an “emotionally-charged rant” at his fellow Tory councillors and local MP.

Attended all-day Corporate Management Meeting on the 2nd January where the budget for 2014/2015 was reviewed.  The plan now is to have an input into the2015/2016 budget.  One of the main priorities is to look at ways of generating income as apposed to just making cuts.

Attended a meeting with TDC Officers, the Mayor, Councillor Jayne Chapman and the Town Clerk, to discuss sharing our facilities to enable more agencies to have a presence in the town.

Councillor Graham Steady

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