• Full Council meeting July 2.  Key issue was attempt to hold debate on reduction of services at birthing unit at Harwich/Clacton.  Subsequently discussed at full Cabinet meeting on July 12.  Surprisingly few Councillors attended considering passion and votes on night.  Resolved to try and fight any attempt to closure.

• July 4 attended meeting with police Commissioner at Clacton.  He intends to visit each area twice per year.  Surprisingly small attendance from Councillors and public considering press coverage.  I have tabled some points and would like to extend them at BTC meeting.  See attached notes.

• July 10.  Attended members briefing to learn about new planning rules.  Could be very important to towns such as Brightlingsea – especially in the High Street.  Big change re change of use and conversions of use.

• July 11.  Attended Locality Board at Weeley.  A disaster. Main speaker from ECC did not show but sent his deputy and a secretary.  Not good and message sent back saying so.

• I have circulated the parking strategy from TDC which was a point raised at the last BTC Town meeting.  Some points need to be discussed at next BTC meeting.  See attached reports.
• Document circulated to discuss reduction of numbers of Councillors.  Would be interested in views.
• As always I would be interested to hear from any Councillors or residents with ideas about generating and saving money.  The cabinet meet informally every week as well as formally every 3 / 4 weeks and I will be pleased to represent any views which have merit.
• A reminder about the Clacton Air Show. August 22/23.  The only air show on the whole of the east coast this year following the cancellation of the Felixstowe and Southend shows.  Bumper crowds expected but still a financial risk to TDC.  The risk of cost is weighed against the £4 million anticipated value to the whole area.  A good variety of planes including the Red Arrows and, as announced last week, the Vulcan Bomber.  A fantastic sight.  And it’s free!  I know that in the past a lot of boats have left Brightlingsea to watch the show from the sea.  There is a “mooring zone.

Alan Goggin