Issues in hand from last meeting

  1. Pothole campaign
  2. Summer parking restrictions at the Waterside
  3. Proposed barriers outside school


Pothole campaign


Acting on a list provided by Lisa I conducted a walking tour of Brightlingsea to examine, measure and photograph potholes, pavement defects and road markings in the town.


A report containing photographs and measurements of the worst defects has been provided to County Councillor Goggin and this has, in turn been passed onto Essex Highways.


At the time of writing two of these defects have been repaired. We also have a commitment from Essex that a third serious defect, at Chapel Road, will be repaired according to an email received by the Town Clerk, who had reported it as urgent. Thanks to Tracey for urging this.


We are also seeking dates as to when the outstanding agreed repairs will be made.




Summer parking restrictions at the Waterside


I have submitted a request to N Essex Parking Partnership to alter the parking restrictions at The Waterside as these are restricting summer trade. It seems illogical that we have stricter parking rules in the summer when we, as a resort town, need more spaces not less.


Proposed barriers outside school


Following the accident at Wivenhoe where two young boys were injured I thought it appropriate to urge the planned provisions of barriers, crossing and 20mph speed limit outside The Colne School.


CC Goggin has this in hand and it has my support and that of our Mayor and Tendring Councillor Jayne Chapman.


New initiative – considerate parking


I am working with various residents to solve local problems they have with inconsiderate parking by acting as mediator to resolve problems. One such initiative, for example, is at Hurst Close. Councillor Barry has also raised a separate example with me that I am taking up.

Report Potholes

Essex County Council is responsible for highways in and around Brightlingsea. Report potholes directly here.


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