Problems continue with youngsters churning up the ground on the grass car park. This is a problem as when we shut the gates, we receive many complaints from beach huts owners who want access to their hut.

Awaiting arrival of a new gate, height barrier and signage for the grass car park. This should be installed next week.

A leather arm chair has been used on the skate ramp by the youngsters – which has now been removed.

We had a report of an injured swan– grounds manager investigated but could not find it.

Had a report of a running tap, again investigated but had stopped by then,. Not sure if TDC had been contacted and fixed the problem.

The hole surrounded by the netting by the wardens hut is still there, and still waiting for a digger from TDC to investigate further.

I attended the resilience workshop, and will forward the various reports, once they have arrived, which were very interesting.

Vivien Chapman