I think this has been the worst season at the pool since I have been MSR. There have been problems after problems, which I predicted at the beginning of the season. Some could not be averted but I feel Tendring could have done a lot more to stop the s— hitting the fan so many times in the season. I have very grave concerns what the outcome of the work and maintenance will be, though it will not cost a fortune, Tendring might be reluctant to fund the appropriate monies to get it back on an even keel. That is why I think it is necessary for all Brightlingsea/Tendring Councillors to really put forward a strong case and view to make sure we are not stuck in a rut.

I think Tendring are keeping myself and the council well in the dark, as we have very little contact unless we make approaches to them first.

I would like to point out the promises of Barclays, Nationwide and the NatWest Banks, made by all parties. We know what happened to them don’t we! I hope TDC promises have not got the same approach.

Graham Mann