There have been comments regarding housing development in our town, I have explained in the past the rationale behind housing numbers, central government targets, numbers for Brightlingsea are low compared to other towns and parishes in Tendring etc. I think we must move on and consider schemes to protect and increase our town’s environment and public accessibility to certain areas.

The Town Council is working on the following scheme.

The objective is to encourage residents and visitors alike to access specific and strategically sited areas within our town; it will link inland areas with established footpath networks and also the proposed Natural England coastal footpath thereby giving access to hides to observe the wildlife and their habitat, recycled material will be used to provide sitting areas in and around the hides and along the access routes. The integration of existing open spaces and public rights of way with new ones including bridleways will ensure a connection between the areas and inclusive accessibility. Information boards to be sited at key points to highlight facilities which are available in our town. Existing areas to be upgraded include The Lozenge wild life area at Lower Park Road, Gravel Field at Mill Street which will be enlarged, the Western Prom including the award winning Millennium Gardens.

• By being strategically placed the new areas in conjunction with existing ones will prevent urban sprawl and help conserve natural areas which attract different types of wildlife.

• An existing link with the local schools will be strengthened by making an association with protecting the town’s existing natural assets by encouraging the local community to buy into the objective of providing facilities and services.

• Areas in strategic locations will create “green lung areas” so that the local community can access them easily to encourage outdoor activities thereby increasing healthy participation. Making people aware of clean air initiatives helping to affect pollution and climate change. This fits in with the blue flag standard of the water quality and facilities on the Western Prom.

• An awareness of the natural beauty that surrounds our town and educating residents and visitors to treat community areas with respect which will then lead to a reduction in anti social behaviour in all areas. Providing a healthy inclusive environment.

• To offer an integrated, inclusive and assessable experience for all therefore encouraging visitors to “stay a while” and to support the local economy.

• An integrated finance programme to be formulated to under pin other initiatives to be run in conjunction with this scheme.

Councillor Graham Steady

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