Reports from Tendring District Councillors –Agenda No. 13

Council Meeting 18th September 2014


Councillor Alan Goggin

  • Last full Council TDC meeting September 9.
  • One of the items discussed was the cost of by-elections following the MP and our own County Councillors resignations. As the portfolio holder for Finance I was asked to provide estimates. The obvious costs are estimated to be £100,000 and £25,000 respectively. Technically there should be little real cost to the residents of Tendring as all should be recovered from central Government but is still paid by taxpayers everywhere. An unrecoverable cost is the amount of time and energy spent by key members of the staff and management team at TDC who would be working on other projects. A real shame as there are many good things happening at TDC at the moment.
  • As mentioned in my last report another item was the legality of TDC’s residency clause in respect of the local houses for local people rules. A decision has been made to suspend the scheme while legal opinion is sought. I believe that the majority of Brightlingsea residents support the concept and TDC need to make sure that the rules in place are appropriate. There has been no legal challenge yet but another district council has had their rules challenged on 7/8 counts. It appears that TDC’s system is not as onerous but 2 of the points in their system are similar to ours. I will keep council abreast of any news.
  • I was called to the Pool on September 9 along with Cllrs Mann and Chapman. The pool bottom was in a real mess and it appears that something big had gone wrong. At this stage there are no obvious reasons but engineers are being instructed. A key point is that BTC were not advised of the problem which must have been there for at least a week. Not acceptable at all. I have subsequently found out that the Management at TDC in the shape of Mike Carran was also not told. He is disappointed. I am sure that Graham will have a fuller report. The pool closes for the season on Sunday September 14 and the requested end of term meeting will be arranged – probably during the week commencing October 6 – in time to report back to Council at our next meeting on October 16. The date and time will be agreed soon but hopefully it will be after an engineers report has taken place. All want to avoid the problems from this year carrying over to the next. It is a huge shame as there have been many good comments especially on the social media – including trip advisor. A very important part of our Tourism experience.
  • A grant from the “Big Society fund” has been approved for the Bowls club, and provided accepted by them should allow their required improvements to be completed before the start of the next season.
  • Following the meeting with the TDC recycling officer I understand that many more Brightlingsea residents are signing up for the green waste system. Early days yet but I am advised that current numbers – if continued – will mean that the service will be provided at no extra cost. That will please many. The whole campaign is built around encouraging rather than legislating.
  • No further news at the time of preparing this report in respect of the possible improvements to the Paddling Pool area but there is a meeting scheduled prior to the Full Council which may have some updates.
  • August 21/22 was the Air Show. By any standards a fantastic event for the district. I have heard many great comments from residents. Final accounts figures are not yet available but considering that Southend and Felixstowe cannot run an event because of the cost, it is a remarkable event enjoyed by over 200,000. [Police numbers]
  • As always I would be interested to hear from any Councillors or residents with ideas about generating and saving money in the district.   The cabinet meet formally or informally every week and if there are any Brightlingsea Issues that you would like me to especially raise – please feel free to ask.


Councillor Jayne Chapman

I attended the Chairman of Tendring Civic service on Sunday 7th September.


Councillor Graham Steady

Councillor J Chapman and myself attended full Council Meeting on the 9th September where one of the main issues was the up coming parliamentary election, which has been called by the resignation of Douglas Carswell, who has left the Conservative party and joined UKIP. An interesting addition to this is that two Tendring Councillors have also done the same. The consensus is that due to the cost involved in holding a by-election was wasting tax payers money as the general election is planned for next May. Statements were made by various Portfolio Holders highlighting on going schemes such as the sea defence improvements on Holland on Sea and also buying land to build council houses in Jaywick, which was met with universal approval.

Tributes were paid to Lincoln Anderson who recently passed away. Lincoln was manager of the Brightlingsea Sports Centre.

I attended the Corporate Management Committee Meeting on 10th September at which we reviewed the first quarter performance report and also financial strategy and had a robust discussion with the Chief Executive Ian Davidson, which pleasingly involved all members of the committee. A members workshop evening is being planned for 20th October for all ward members to have an input into the future financial planning for Tendring District Council.



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