Reports from Council Representatives on Outside Bodies – Agenda No. 12 – Council Meeting 18th September 2014

Councillor Alan Goggin

·      Colne Community College.  Joint user group. Next meeting September 29.  An opportunity to evaluate the extra activities during the “school holidays” period.  Well used by many.  Please speak to me or Graham Steady if you have any points or issues that you wish to discuss or raise.

·      Along with many I was hugely saddened to hear of the death of Lincoln Anderson – the centre manager.  So sad and he will be greatly missed and difficult to replace.  I had the opportunity to speak about him at the recent Cabinet and full Council meeting.  His funeral will be during the week commencing September 15. Request to send flowers or make a donation from the Council?


Aldous Museum Trust.

·      No official meeting since the last TC.

·      There is still a problem with moving forward with the museum.  It has been mentioned previously but to many we do not appear to be enthusiastic which is a real shame, as it is far from the reality.  I still think that we as a Council could push harder.  I believe that many residents are looking for us to take a lead in making the land available.  With Council’s permission I would like to request a quick update at Thursday’s meeting?