Councillor Jayne Chapman

Meeting on Tuesday 20th June, present Inspector Darren Deex, Ian Block (Mayor) Jayne Chapman and Terry Hamilton (groundsman)

We had asked to meet with the Police in light of the increase in anti social behaviour in Brightlingsea. This was confirmed when we were advised that the total of incidents had increased by 29 per cent since April 1st this year. Records for last year were 75 incidents compered to 106 over the same length of time. Crime is up 20 per cent over Tendring area.

Break-ins were very low with only 4 reported, this is much lower than other areas.

We are the 2nd highest ward for criminal damage and the 3rd highest for arson attacks.

It was still recommended that we have a speed watch system put in place to stop speeding drivers as there is only one van with speed camera and this is used on roads that have had multiple accidents.

We have to bid for an other action day although the Police will be doing street watch which will target 2 streets at a time and door to door contact and advice for residents, including financial support.

The Police do not recommend a private security firm and state that if we are going to fund this sort of project we should be looking at funding a PCSO. We could fund 2 on the same amount it costs to fund a private security firm.

We have stated we are interested in a portable on line portal to be situated at the office for residents to report crime on if they don’t have a computer.

We have to encourage people to report all crime, it is the only way they can get Police Officers here and the quickest way other than 999 calls in on line.

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