Councillor Graham Steady

Attended JCC Meeting on Monday 6th July. I queried the fact whether the committee was fit for purpose, terms of reference to be supplied and then a discussion as to the future direction of the committee will take place.


Councillor Vivien Chapman


EALC Meeting

This was held in Loughton. A very interesting and informative talk about Cemeteries, Churchyards and Crematoria. This was done with a light touch and was quite amusing. Unfortunately too many pictures on the power point presentation, so not able to get a copy. Thought it would be an interesting topic for TDALC and possibly the PCC.

A comment was made that someone had heard that there would be no PCSO’s from April, 2016. This was queried by the Clerk, and the response was as follows:-

A team is carrying out a review on how they deliver Neighbourhood Policing, along with reviews of other departments within Essex Police. The work of the team is in it’s early stages and, therefore, no decisions have been made. Consequently, there is no truth in the rumour that there will be no PCSO’s in Essex as of April, 2016. He (the Superintendent), confirmed that there is a current freeze on the recruitment of PCSO’s in order that they can maintain the number of officers to 250.


TDALC Meeting

The May meeting was the AGM, when Robert Taylor was re-elected Chairman in his absence, but with his permission. Jose Powell was re-elected as Vice-Chairman, and Janet Russell was re-elected as Secretary.

As there was no Speaker, the Matters of Concern to Members took up the rest of the meeting, with comments, queries, concerns, etc., about Highways – at great length; Waste Transfer; Maintenance of Grassed Areas on Estates; Community Agents; Christmas Lights.

The Minutes are available if anyone would like to see them for fuller details.