Extract from Minutes of Full Town Council Meeting on Thursday 16th February 2017:

Minute Number: 180 – Report from the Chairman of the Finance and Property Committee on the Asset Review:

 Councillor Steady gave a statement on the update of the Asset Review:

“The objective of the review is to ensure that charges, rents etc., reflect fair agreements. Most of the leases and licenses in place at the moment were put in place by previous administration, so we have to clarify any legal connotations when they are renewed or changed.

The next step after the review is to protect the towns assets for future generations and how they can be used for the good of all.  

As a responsible authority we have to engage with our community to optimise all opportunities. As Councillors we then have to formulate policies for our staff to action.

Meetings and relevant discussions have already taken place with:-

  • The Cricket Club
  • The Harbour Commissioners
  • The Sailing Club
  • Purelake Developments (The Marina)
  • Essex County Council
  •  Bateman’s Tower Cafe
  • The Rugby Club
  • Brightlingsea Leisure Village
  • Tendring District Council Portfolio Holders and Officers – Western Promenade
  • Brightlingsea Community Centre

So how does all of this fit in with Council Policy?

As an example. let’s look at the Harbour Commissioners, which affects the town’s assets of the Hard. This Council has done that which it stated over two years ago, which was that they would look to the future and open dialogue with the relevant bodies.

  •  Launching fees were challenged – now discontinued.
  • Essex County Council have given their opinion on the highway issue.
  • Now in discussion with the Land Registry, and prepared to go to mediation.
  •  Public access to registered parts of the Hard is an issue with some alluding to access being denied.

 I would assume that all interested parties have the same objective and that is to protect the area from being sold and/or developed in a way that is not in keeping.”

Councillor Steady then called for a vote on the following motion, along with the statement being accepted:-

“A rider to be added to the original Deed of Gift to the effect that public access to the Hard be protected in perpetuity, subject to any Health and Safety issues, and legal necessities.”

This was seconded by Councillor Russell.

A named vote was taken, as follows:-

For: Councillors  Barry, Smith, Steady, Ingate, Howard, Chapman, Dixon, Russell, Block and Yallop.

Against: None

Abstention: Councillor Judson.

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