Minute Number 82 – Questions from the Public.


Q1) Jenny Beaumont – I would like to reiterate the question raised at the last Council meeting from Pamela Millar, and also the question raised at the Councillor Surgery on the 11th July. What is Brightlingsea Town Councils policy on the license for the Leisure Village? Would the Council support an application to Tendring District Council for 11 months? What assurance can the Council give that the park will continue as a holiday park post when the lease has expired.


A1) The Mayor replied that the Town Clerk had left both Pamela and Jenny a answerphone message. She reiterated that it is up to Mr Hammerton to give assurance. He is perfectly at liberty to grant each occupant a lease now giving them such rights to remain, as are consistent with the rights he is expecting to be granted by BTC. BTC has been pro-active in trying to accommodate these very valid concerns. BTC has offered Mr Hammerton a new lease early, subject to his granting early sub-leases with each caravan giving them the security they desire and agreeing the rent for the site with BTC. Mr Hammerton has so far declined to participate in this initiative. Jenny replied that she was asking the question due to the absence of compliance regarding the sub-leases, and post 2019 is the Council still going to have a holiday park on the site? The Mayor replied that as a Council we see no reason why not, but cannot guarantee that. Our Solicitor is trying to word a letter to that effect. Regarding the 11 months, Tendring District Council are preparing a report, and we have asked for a copy once available.


Q2) Richard Price – Would like to thank the Mayor for e-mailing the question I raised at the last Council meeting through to Councillor Goggin. Hopefully I will receive a reply soon. Like to also thank Councillor Yallop for the information given at the recent Councillor Surgery.


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