Minute Number 025 – Questions from the Public.

Q1) Pauline Lawrence – My husband wrote a letter to TDC planning office about the development of the builders yard in Lime Street, which was hand delivered.  He then phoned the office to advise them that they were developing more, only to be told they had never received our letter.  We are not the only people who have written in and the letters have not been received.

Councillor Goggin asked for a copy of the letter, and that he is visiting Tendring tomorrow for a meeting, and will personally deliver a copy.

Q2) Anna Burnett stated that on rubbish collection days there are now thousands of black bags put out for collection.

Q3) Mr Price asked about the cleaning schedule for the toilets now Veolia have taken this on, and whether or not the service has been reduced.

Councillor Vivien Chapman said she would make enquiries about this.

Q4) Mr Cook – Have heard that they are going to start charging to take rubbish away at Rush Green.  Have the Tendring councillors heard anything?

Councillor Goggin stated that we are sending less to landfill now than before, and that they have not heard that Rush Green are going to start charging.