Minute Number 122 – Questions from the Public.


Q1)  Richard Price – Would Brightlingsea Town Council contact the Police Commissioner to attend a meeting with all the Councils in the County Ward?

A1) The Mayor replied yes, we would contact the Police Commissioner.

Q2) Tony Chapman – Would the Town Council write to the National Blood Service about them withdrawing the blood donor sessions from the Town?

A2) Councillor Yallop replied that she had already phoned them and is still waiting for a reply.  The Mayor said yes, the Town Council will contact the National Blood  Service.

Q3) Mrs Cook – Are the Town Council worried about tourism following the programme on channel 4 called bouncers?

A3) Councillor Yallop replied that they focused on Clacton and Colchester and did not mention Brightlingsea.  Councillor Goggin said that TDC have written to the producers of the programme to invite them to a meeting.  He said that he thought it was very unlikely that Brightlingsea would be affected.

Councillor Steady said that following the RCCE Competition and the awards for the Bayard Recreation Ground, Channel 4 are making a documentary on why towns go in for these types of competitions, and the will be visiting Brightlingsea in the future.

Q4) Mr Cook – In the Evening Gazette Simon Tattersall mentioned that crime in Brightlingsea had been reduced.  They need to be complimented.  There was also a letter sent in about the old Police Station still having its lights on, which is a waste of money.

A4) The Mayor replied that we are aware of these facts.   Councillor J Chapman said that the Town Council has e-mailed the police federation but have not yet received a reply.  She stated that our crime rate has fallen down.  Most of the troublemakers have either moved on or are inside.  The Police Sergeant at Clacton thanked the Groundsmen for standing by over the recent bad weather – they do not normally get help in other areas.

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