Minute Number 080 – Questions from the Public.


Q1) The Food and Drink Festival appeared to be a very successful event. What reports of damage, violence and vandalism have you heard?


A1) Councillor V Chapman stated that she was not aware of any but a follow up meeting with the organisers will be taking place shortly.


Q2) Have written to all Councillors regarding permission for the Firework display on the Hard. Disappointed to learn that there are no funds available, however we are keen to progress with the event, and hope the withholding of funds will not reflect on the agreement to run the event.


A2) Councillor Steady replied that this item is down for discussion on the Town Clerks report, later in the meeting.


Q3) A customer has asked why cant you drive down Sydney Street at the moment? There is a sign up by the Bank stating that work is taking place from the 29th August for 10 days.


A3) The Mayor replied that the Office will look into this.


Q4) Ask the Tendring District Councillors about the sale of the swimming pool. Are they giving us the land or is it still under discussion?


A4) Councillor Steady replied that a meeting is due to take place within the next 7-10 days.


Q5) Who owns the strip of land and trees at the back of the Colne Community School, opposite Fiveways? The trees are overhanging.


A5) Councillor J Chapman replied that the Office would report this to Essex County Council.


Q6) Is it acceptable that if a person falls over and get stuck in a doorway, that they wait 4-5 hours for an ambulance? This caused great distress.


A6) Councillor J Chapman replied that they are sending out the Fire Brigade if someone is trapped by a door. She went to a similar incident recently in Red Barn Road, and they still had to wait 4-5 hours for an ambulance. If the resident has Careline, they now offer a lifting service, and will get out to you in around ½ an hour. Councillor Ingate stated that, no, this is not acceptable, but it is Government policy to cut funding, and is totally out of our hands.


Q7) Regarding the earlier discussions concerning the possible ambulance parking bay outside the Doctors, I think this is a favourable request.